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How to archive WhatsApp chats and hide them forever

How to archive WhatsApp chats and hide them forever

Archive WhatsApp chats it can be very useful for keeping your application in order and having a list of your favorite or simply more frequent contacts at your fingertips.

As we have seen in the in-depth study on how to archive Telegram chatsthere can be many reasons that push a user to hide WhatsApp chats from the main page, even if only for business needs.

If you have never used this feature before and are trying to figure out how archive chats on WhatsApp, you are in the right place. Keep reading this guide and follow step by step everything we will explain in the next lines.

Archiving WhatsApp chats: how it works

First of all, it seems right to distinguish between archiving a chat and delete a conversation on WhatsAppas these are two completely different options.

While in the second case the entire history of messages or multimedia contents exchanged with a specific contact will be deleted, archiving will not delete the chat of Whatsappbut it will simply group this conversation in a separate container that can be recalled at any time from the main screen.

Furthermore, there is always the possibility to go back. You have filed for I err a WhatsApp chat? Using a special button or a swipe (depending on the device), you can bring the conversation back to the main page of the messaging app.

Obviously when we talk about chat the speech is to be understood in a general sense, as much as it is possible archive groups on WhatsApp as well as single conversations.

Like on Telegramthere is no maximum number of chats to archive and, should an archived chat receive a new message, it will automatically return to theWhatsApp chat listunless you enable a specific option from WhatsApp settings. But we’ll deal with that in a moment.

There are several ways to archive WhatsApp chats depending on the device used. In the next few lines we will therefore explain how to use this app function based on the type of operating system. Please scroll down to the paragraph that corresponds to the version of Whatsapp that you have downloaded on your device (Android, iOS or PC). In the last paragraph, however, we will deal with how to permanently hide WhatsApp chats.

How to archive WhatsApp chats on Android

The first thing to do is obviously open the app WhatsApp for Android and locate the conversation or conversations you want to hide fromWhatsApp chat list.

Then click on it until a menu with five icons appears at the top of the screen and click on the box-shaped image with a arrow pointing down (fourth icon on the right).

At this point, the chat will disappear from the main page of the application and will be inserted in the “Archived“, reachable at any time by tapping on the item. This section will be shown at the top of the chat list of Whatsapp.

We want to reveal a little trick for you archive all WhatsApp chats on Android in one shot. From the main page of the instant messaging app, click on the three dots at the top right and tap on “Settings“. On the next screen, select the”Chat“(second entry in the list) and scroll down until you find”Chat history“. On the next page, click on”Archive all chats“. Simple, isn’t it?

How to archive a WhatsApp chat on iPhone

For archive a WhatsApp chat on iPhone you will have to follow a partially different procedure than the one just seen for Android smartphones. Enter the main screen of the messaging app and swipe the chat you want to archive, then tap on the “Archive“which appears alongside.

Again it is possible archive all WhatsApp chats on iPhone without having to select them from time to time. Are you wondering how to do it? We tell you right away. Give her WhatsApp settingsclick on the section “Chat“and press on the item”Archive all chats“Nothing could be simpler and more immediate.

How to archive WhatsApp chats from PC

Finally, we explain how archive a WhatsApp chat on PC. From the “Chat“click with the mouse on the conversation you want to archive and from the drop-down menu click on”Archive chat“. In a few moments, the platform will hide the chat you have previously selected.

How to recover an archived WhatsApp chat

As we wrote earlier, it is possible extract a chat archived on WhatsApp and bring it back to the main page of the messaging app, following the reverse procedure to the one seen before. Alternatively, you can always send a message to the contact to have the application automatically move the chat to the main list.

For recover a WhatsApp chat on Androidit will be sufficient to enter the section “Archive“placed at the top of the main page of the app and press and hold on the conversation you want to retrieve. As before, a menu will open at the top and clicking on the second icon in the shape of a box with the arrow pointing upwards, you will restore the chat from Whatsapp.

For extract the WhatsApp chat from the archive on iOS you will need to scroll through the list until you find the category “Archived chats“and, after identifying the conversation, swipe to the left and click on the corresponding item”Extract from the archive“.

Finally, we tell you how retrieve a WhatsApp chat stored from a PC. In this case, just click on the icon with the three dots at the top of the chat list, select the item “from the drop-down menu”Archived“and in the contact box, select”Extract chats from the archive“.

How to permanently archive a WhatsApp chat

As we wrote earlier, one hidden WhatsApp chat may return to the main conversation list again Whatsapp if a new message is received. However, there is also in this case a little trick that allows you to permanently archive a WhatsApp chat and hide the conversation regardless of the messages received.

This procedure applies both on Android than on iOS and the steps to follow are basically the same.

To do this we must first enter the main screen of Whatsapp and click on the icon with the three vertical dots in the upper right part of the screen. In the drop-down menu, click on “Settings“and select the second item in the next screen”Chat“.

As a last step, scroll down until you find the “Archived chats“and enable the option”Keep chats archived“. As also explained by the same application, the archived chats will remain in the archive even when they receive a new message.

Since in most cases you archive a chat to clean up the main conversation list, we recommend that you enable the option “Keep chats archived“, so as to avoid having to go crazy between chats that automatically return to the chat list Whatsapp despite previous archiving.