How to block a number or text messages on Huawei Enjoy 10

Knowing how to block a number to avoid unwanted calls or unwanted text messages on Huawei Enjoy 10 is now essential. In fact, several reasons will encourage us to block an unknown number, an SMS or a phone number. Among these reasons, we find door-to-door sales, promotional messages, not forgetting the constant unknown calls and, therefore, harassment. So our team wrote this tutorial so you don’t have to worry about Huawei Enjoy 10. Peace of mind! However, there are different procedures for blocking calls and text messages. Therefore, we will first learn how to simply block a number. In the second step, we will see how to block a number on Huawei Enjoy 10 through an application. Then we will see what is the procedure to block SMS. At the end of this article, we will discuss unknown number blocking, which is done with a slightly different technique.

Block calls from a number with the Huawei Enjoy 10 contacts application

If you no longer want to receive calls from a specific phone number, this methodology is for you. In fact, it is very easy to block a number on Huawei Enjoy 10 if you have the number to block it. These are the steps to block a number on Huawei Enjoy 10:

  • First, you need to create a contact with the spam number.
  • Once you are there, meet at repertoire and find the contact card you just created and click on it.
  • Then just click menu and mark Add to blacklist.

After completing this operation, calls to this phone number will be blocked directly from Huawei Enjoy 10. It will be important to repeat the procedure for each blocked number. Careful: However, you should be aware that with this method, calls from the spam phone number are diverted to voicemail. This means that it will always be possible for this number to leave you oral messages. For a total block, read the second methodology.

Block a number on Huawei Enjoy 10 with a third-party app

If you want to block a number on Huawei Enjoy 10, keep in mind that there are still some applications that allow you to do this. These applications usually have several options to block unwanted calls and they are very effective. Out of all these call blocking apps, we can recommend Call Black List, which works very well. To use it is very easy, you just need to download and install the application. In case you don’t know how, feel free to read our tutorial to install an application on Huawei Enjoy 10. Once the application is installed on Huawei Enjoy 10, all you have to do is do it. follow the instructions.

What you need to do to block text messages on Huawei Enjoy 10

Absolutely nothing is more annoying than an elementary junk message, and for good reason, we are bound to read it. If you no longer want to receive unwanted text messages on Huawei Enjoy 10, you need to download an application to block them. In fact, it is not possible to block the text messages you receive on Huawei Enjoy 10 without an application. Therefore, we suggest that you install an SMS blocker that works with a blacklist mechanism. Unwanted text messages are blocked and stored in a SPAM mailbox. Therefore, they are available for your consultation whenever you want.

How to block an unknown or anonymous number on Huawei Enjoy 10

The solution which means to blacklist a contact does not work for unknown calls. You will still need to install an application if you want to block anonymous calls on Huawei Enjoy 10. We have tested a versatile application for you that blocks unknown calls and text messages: Call Control. After the installation is complete, you can designate blocking unknown numbers in settings. It should be noted that this option will block all unknown calls and that some administrations sometimes use hidden numbers to call you. Therefore, these calls will be strictly blocked. Thanks to this application, you will not have to change your number or restart Huawei Enjoy 10. Silence is yours!