How to browse privately from Safari on iPad

We teach you to browse privately on your iPhone and iPad from the app Safari. It is the best way for anyone to know that we have visited from our browser ios.

Browse privately on iOS

Private browsing in Safari is a private way to browse. An option that by activating it, allows us to browse the Internet without leaving a trace of cookies, history, cache…. One more of our tutorials for iOS that we recommend you put into practice.

This option that Safari gives us, and also many other web browsers, serves more than anything to preserve your privacy on your device ios. Navigation details are not saved and the websites you visit are not shared with the rest of your linked devices. In this way, if someone takes our iPhone, for example, they will not know the pages we have visited.

A very good option, if we share our device with more people.

What does Safari do when browsing privately ?:

This is what happens when you activate the private mode in Safari:

  • The websites you visit cannot track your browsing over multiple sessions.
  • Web pages and Autofill information are not saved.
  • The websites that you open are not saved in iCloud. This means that they are not shown when consulting all your open tabs from other linked devices.
  • Your searches are not included in the smart search results list.
  • If you use the Handoff, the “Private Browsing” windows are not transferred to your iOS devices or other Mac computers.
  • Changes made to cookies and other data on websites are not saved.
  • Modules that support private browsing stop storing cookies and other tracking information.
  • Websites will not be able to modify the information stored on your device, so the services that are usually available on those sites may work differently until you deactivate the “Private browsing” option.

How to browse privately on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:

Activating this option is very simple, we just have to access Safari.

Once inside Safari, we will access «private browsing» by clicking on the option in the lower menu characterized by two superimposed squares.

Press that menu option to access private mode

When pressing, the option «Nav. private ». To activate it, we just have to click on it.

Private browsing option in Safari

A black screen will automatically appear. This reveals that we are in private mode.

To be able to browse the websites you want, simply click on the “+” button that appears at the bottom of the screen. Now it’s time to access the web, Google what you want to find, access your favorite pages… to enjoy this private mode.

Make sure the outline of the interface is dark. If so, you are browsing privately. If you see it blank, you are browsing the internet in the conventional way.

Private mode in iOS Safari

How to disable private browsing in iPhone and iPad Safari:

To deactivate browsing in private, we must carry out the same steps that we have carried out to activate it.

We must click on the overlapping squares of the lower menu and, after that, click again on the option «Nav. private »which will now be displayed with a white background.

By doing this, we will return to browsing normally from our devices.

And in this simple way we can Browse privately from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A safe way to make inquiries on the Internet, without leaving a trace on our devices.