How to calibrate the battery of iPad and iPod Touch

How calibrate iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch battery to extend its useful life.

Calibrate iPhone Battery

We are going to show you how calibrate a battery. One of ours iOS tutorials to get the most out of your devices Apple.

Perhaps it has happened to many of you that the battery has run out much earlier than normal. It may also happen that being with 11% battery power has turned off the iPhone. You can be calm. Normally it is a problem derived from the calibration, so we will have to calibrate the battery.

If after the battery calibration the battery continues to drain as before, you may need to change it.

This is because we have loaded our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in a bad way. What does this mean, because we have not finished a charge, or we have charged without reaching less than 20% and even, something very normal, we have charged our iPhone with the iPad charger (we must bear in mind that the adapter of current is stronger and may decalibrate the battery).

How to calibrate the battery of the iPhone, iPad and iPod TOUCH:

Steps to follow:

  • The first thing we have to do is exhaust our battery to the maximum. When we say maximum, we mean that we have to drain the battery until our device turns off.
  • Once it has been downloaded, we will have to wait a minimum of 2 hours (3-4 hours are recommended, but we have tested it with 2 hours and it works the same). We will have to carry out this process because lithium batteries, once our device has been turned off, still have a little charge left. Hence, you have to leave them for a few more hours.
  • Once that time has passed, we connect our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the power. We let it charge for about 6-8 h. This means that even if it tells us that it is 100%, we will have to leave it for a minimum of 2 hours. more to complete the calibration.

Doing the aforementioned, we already have our battery calibrated and ready to go, almost like the first day.

How to know if the iOS device battery is properly calibrated:

To find out if the process of calibrating the battery in your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has been successful, we will have to look at the time it takes to get our battery from 100% to 99%. When properly calibrated, it takes a long time to jump from 100% to 99%. After doing the test, it took us almost 1 hour. to go to 99%, making normal use. If we leave it to rest, it can take much longer.

We can observe the same when our device is about to download and we are at 1%, in this case we notice that it takes a long time to download completely. It took us practically the same time to completely shut down as it did to go from 100% to 99%.

Therefore, if your battery is giving you some kind of problem, try to calibrate the battery and you will surely notice the difference.

also can configure the iOS device to consume the least battery.