How to clear history on Huawei Y9s

Deleting the history of the Huawei Y9s is a very practical operation. In fact, this will allow you to erase the tracks of your previous navigations. Whether you are selling your smartphone or simply to avoid being targeted by ads, deleting the history on your Huawei Y9s is quite easy. There are several solutions to clear the history of Huawei Y9s. We will first learn how to clear your browser history. We will see in a second step how to delete the history of the Huawei Y9s with the CCleaner application. Finally, we will learn how to clear call history for Huawei Y9s.

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Delete browser history on Huawei Y9s

Delete Google Chrome history on Huawei Y9s

If you ever use Google Chrome on your Huawei Y9s and want to clear your history, you must first open your browser. When I’m okay, you’ll have to go to menu browser. Then you can go to advanced settings, Then in Privacy. Therefore, Google Chrome will allow you to delete all your browsing data. Just select the option Delete search history, later Of course. At the end of this manipulation, the history of Huawei Y9s is erased!

Delete Firefox history on Huawei Y9s

If you use the Firefox browser on Huawei Y9s, the history deletion process is almost the same. To get there, you need to start the browser and display the menu by clicking on the top right of the page. Once you are done, go to Privacy, Then in Delete private data. You just have to confirm and that’s it!

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Go through CCleaner to erase the history of your Huawei Y9s

CCleaner is an application that allows you to clean Huawei Y9s. Among the application options, there is the possibility to erase the browsing history of the Huawei Y9s. When you want to use this procedure, you need to download CCleaner on Huawei Y9s and install it. When it’s okay, open the app and go to the section Quick cleaning widget. Once you are there, just click Browser history for it to be removed. CCleaner will also allow you to clear the cache of your web browsers.

Clear call history for Huawei Y9s

If you sell Huawei Y9s and you don’t want the new buyer to have access to your call history, it’s easy to delete it. To get there, you need to access the Huawei Y9s phone app. Once there, go to the call log tab and access the menu. You will then be able to see an option that will allow you to delete the call history on your Huawei Y9s.

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