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How to clear history on Moto G6

How to clear history on Moto G6

Erasing the history of your Moto G6 is a really convenient handling. In fact, it allows you to erase the traces of your past browsing. Whether you want to sell your phone or just avoid being targeted by ads, deleting history on Moto G6 is relatively easy. There are several techniques to clear history on Moto G6. Here’s how to clear your browser history. We will discover for the second time the method to delete the history of the Moto G6 with the CCleaner app. Finally, we will find out how to delete the call history of your Moto G6.

Clear browsing history on Moto G6

Clear Google Chrome history on Moto G6

In the event that you use Google Chrome on your Moto G6 and aspire to delete the history, you must first open the browser. As soon as he’s okay, we’re going to have to go to the menu from the browser. You can then enter Advanced settingsThen in Confidentiality. Google Chrome will give you the ability to clear all browsing data. All you have to do is select the option Delete navigation dataThen in Erase. At the end of this manipulation, the history of the Moto G6 is erased!

Clear Firefox history on your Moto G6

In the event that you use the Firefox browser on the Moto G6, the process to delete the history is practically the same. To get there, you’ll need to launch the browser and display the menu by pressing at the top right of the page. Once this is done, enter confidentialityand then in Clear private data. All you have to do is confirm it and you’re good to go.

Use CCleaner to clear Moto G6 history

CCleaner is an application that allows you to clean the Moto G6. Options in the app include the ability to clear the Moto G6’s browsing history. When you want to use this solution, you will need to download CCleaner on your Moto G6 and install it. When it’s ok, open the app and go to the section Quick Clean Widget. Once you’re there, all you have to do is choose browser history for this to be deleted. CCleaner will also allow you to clear your browser’s cache.

Clear Moto G6 Call History

If you’re selling your Moto G6 and you don’t want the new buyer to have access to your call history, it’s easy to delete it. To get there, you need to go to the Moto G6 phone app. Once done, go to the call log tab and go to the menu. Then you will see an option appear that allows you to delete call history on the Moto G6.