How to clear history on Sony Xperia Ace

Deleting the history of Sony Xperia Ace is a very convenient operation. In fact, this will allow you to erase the traces of your past navigations. Whether you want to sell your device or simply avoid being targeted by ads, deleting your Sony Xperia Ace history is relatively easy. There are various techniques to erase the history of Sony Xperia Ace. We will first learn how to clear your browser history. Later we will find out how to delete Sony Xperia Ace history with CCleaner. Finally, we will see the call history deletion technique for Sony Xperia Ace.

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Delete your browser history from Sony Xperia Ace

Delete Google Chrome history on Sony Xperia Ace

If you are using Google Chrome on Sony Xperia Ace and you want to clear your history, you will need to open your browser first. As soon as it’s okay, we’ll have to go to menu browser. Then you can go to advanced settings, Then in Privacy. Then Google Chrome will give you the ability to delete all your browsing data. Just select the option Delete search history, later Of course. At the end of this manipulation, the history of Sony Xperia Ace is erased!

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Delete Firefox history on Sony Xperia Ace

If you ever used the Firefox browser on Sony Xperia Ace, the history deletion process is exactly the same. To do this, you will need to start your browser and display the menu by clicking on the top right of the page. When you finish, go to Privacy, and then on Delete private data. You just have to validate and that’s it.

Use CCleaner to erase the history of your Sony Xperia Ace

CCleaner is an application that helps you clean your Sony Xperia Ace. Among the possibilities of the application, we can find the possibility of erasing the browsing history of the Sony Xperia Ace. When you want to use this technique, you will need to download CCleaner on Sony Xperia Ace and install it. As soon as it is ok, open the app and go to the section Quick cleaning widget. When you are there, you just have to choose Browser history for it to be removed. CCleaner also allows you to clear the cache of your web browsers.

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Clear call history from Sony Xperia Ace

If you’re selling a Sony Xperia Ace and you don’t want the new buyer to have access to your call history, it’s easy to delete it. To do this, you need to access the Sony Xperia Ace phone application. Once you’re there, go to the call log tab and access the menu. You will then be able to see an option that allows you to delete the call history on your Sony Xperia Ace.