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How to delete an Instagram account

How to delete an Instagram account

Now we can delete an instagram account from the application itself. It’s been a long time for the option to appear but, finally, we have it available. We tell you how to do it step by step.

How to delete an Instagram account

Facebook, owner of Instagram, has waited until the last moment to add the button to the application that allows you to delete an account from this social network. It has cost them but we can now do it and, thus, stop having to visit the web from a browser, to be able to manage that deletion.

Manzana announced months ago that apps that allow accounts to be created from the same application should also allow them to be deleted from the app itself. The deadline to implement this possibility was June 30, 2022 and Facebook has proceeded to carry out that implementation, which we will tell you where it is located below.

The old way how delete an instagram accountis still valid.

How to delete an Instagram account from the app:

The process is simple as you will see below. We simply have to access Instagram, click on the image of our profile, in the lower right part of the screen, and click on the three parallel lines that appear in the upper right part and that give us access to the app settings .

instagram settings

Now we follow the following path: Settings / Account / Delete account. At that point we will see the following screen:

Delete Instagram account

As you will see, it explains the difference between deactivating it or eliminating it.

Surely it will give you something to think about, but if you are clear that your account is never going to be used again and that you do not want to know anything about all the content that you have shared in it, it is best to delete it.

If you want to download all your publications before deleting your account, you can go through our tutorial in which we explain how to save everything posted on instagram (soon available).

Without further ado and hoping to have helped you, we wish you a great day and we are waiting for you at APPerlas with more information, tutorials, apps… to get the most out of your mobile devices. Manzana.