How to delete applications on iPhone / iPod Touch

With the passage of time, I have observed that many times the things that we assume as known by everyone, are precisely those that are less clear. I say this because in Applediario we have ignored certain topics and posts, assuming they were very simple, but other times we have decided to write about those obvious questions in order to answer questions that are repeated very often. An example is the post on how to remove the sim card from the iPhone, it seems a lie but it is one of the most visited posts on the site. And from there we have understood that not all users are experts using the iPhone, there are always new people and those are precisely the ones who need to have answers to the basic questions.

This post tries to answer a basic question: How to delete applications from our iPhone? The truth is that adding an application is quite simple, however removing them is not so clear at least for those who use an iPhone for the first time. To delete an application from our iPhone, we simply press 4 seconds on the icon of the application that we want to delete. When you do this, all the springboard applications begin to vibrate and an “X” appears in one of the corners. Then, just click on the “X” in each of the applications that we want to remove.

Obviously, every time we press to delete an application, we will be asked for a confirmation of whether or not we want to delete the application. We press Delete and that’s it.