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How to delete Facebook on Moto G6

How to delete Facebook on Moto G6

Facebook is a very convenient social network, but sometimes it’s hard to delete your account or uninstall your Moto G6 app. That is why we chose to make this little guide. So let’s discover step by step the technique to permanently remove Facebook from your Moto G6. We will see above all the procedure to uninstall the Facebook application from the Moto G6. We will first discover the technique to uninstall the app from Moto G6. Then we will find out how to delete Facebook account and sync on mobile. Finally, we will see the technique to delete your account.

Uninstall the Facebook app on your Moto G6

One of the first steps in case you want to remove Facebook from your Moto G6 is uninstall the app . To do this, you need to go to the menu. parameters of the Moto G6, and then in the tab Application . You will then have the option to search for the Facebook app in the list that is shown to you. Then tap on the app when you find it, then select uninstall . Then the app will be uninstalled from your Moto G6.

Delete the Facebook account saved on your Moto G6

Deleting your mobile app is not enough if you want to remove all Facebook data from your Moto G6. And yes, you should also unsync Facebook account on your Moto G6. To do this, you have to enter Settings, then Accounts . Now just select the Facebook icon and then on Erase . In fact, the Facebook account registered on your Moto G6 is deleted. This is an operation that we advise you to carry out when you give or sell your mobile.

Delete your Facebook account from your Moto G6

In the event that you want to completely disconnect from Facebook, you can also permanently delete your account. To do this, you need to go to your Facebook and go to settings. From there, you can deactivate your profile. Therefore, you will be completely disconnected from Facebook.