How to delete Facebook on Oppo K3

Facebook is a very useful social network, but sometimes it can be difficult to delete your account or uninstall the application from the Oppo K3. So we decided to do this little tutorial. So we will learn step by step how to permanently remove Facebook from Oppo K3. We will first learn how to uninstall the Facebook application from the Oppo K3. We will first see how to uninstall the Oppo K3 application. We will see later how to delete your Facebook account and synchronize on your mobile. Finally, we will see how to delete your account.

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Uninstall Facebook app from Oppo K3

One of the first steps when you want to remove Facebook from your Oppo K3 is uninstall the app . To do this, you will need to access the menu settings from the Oppo K3, then on the tab application . You will then be able to search for the Facebook application in the list that is displayed. Then click on the app when you find it, then click REMOVE . The app will be uninstalled from Oppo K3.

Delete Facebook account registered on Oppo K3

Deleting the app from your phone is not enough if you want to delete all Facebook data from your Oppo K3. And yes, you also need to un-sync the Facebook account from your Oppo K3. To do this, you must go to Settings, then Accounts . All you have to do is tap on the Facebook icon and then on Remove . This deletes the Facebook account registered on the Oppo K3. It is a manipulation that we recommend you do when giving or selling your mobile phone.

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Delete your Facebook account from Oppo K3

If you want to completely disconnect from Facebook, you can permanently delete your account. To do this, you need to access your Facebook and access the settings. From there, you can deactivate your profile. This will completely disconnect you from Facebook.