How to delete imported photos and videos from my iPhone 5c

I synced photos and videos from my PC to my iPhone 5c using iTunes. I need some space on my phone and tried to delete them. I can select them fine, but the trash can icon is deaf. It is normally lit and I can delete photos or videos, but now I can’t. I tried going to iTunes, clicking on the phone, selecting the photo icon, unchecking the sync box and it tells me they are deleted but they are still on the phone taking up 6.7GB of data. I still can’t get rid of them. I can choose but I can’t delete, even on the PC. What I do?

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I’m not a PC guy but usually your photos live in the iTunes Media Library. Whatever method you can use to find, delete your photos from there. Usually use the search function on your PC to find the iTunes folder, open it until you find the iTunes Media folder and delete the files that you don’t need to sync.

After you delete your photos (or move them to another location if you fear you might lose them), you need to sync your phone with iTunes again and this will update the iPhone song and photo list, revealing more space. After doing that, locate the option on iTunes to not sync your iPhone when connected and manually manage files manually or perform resonance when the storage problem is fixed (such as a new phone with more storage). Your original photos are still on your PC, unless you delete the originals.

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