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How to delete TikTok profile

How to delete TikTok profile

You have decided to delete TikTok? Maybe you just signed up and, after trying it, you realized that he is not you. Perhaps, however, you have been using it for a long time and by now it bores you. In any case, if you want delete the TikTok profile you are in the right place, as we are about to explain how to do it. Take some time to read this guide and follow the instructions step by step to avoid making mistakes.

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For delete the TikTok profile it will be necessary to use the app of the Chinese social network, therefore, you will have to do it from your mobile device. You will not be able to proceed from your computer. Once finished you will have 30 days before the cancellation is final. During this time you will have the opportunity to change your mind and to restore your account just as you left it. If you let this month go by, you will not be able to recover your videos, nor your followers, nor the accounts you follow. For this reason, think well in the 30 days at your disposal if you actually want your TikTok profile to be deleted.

Have you already tried and failed? Don’t worry, with our instructions you won’t have any problems delete the TikTok profile and delete the application from your mobile device. Let’s get started right away.

How to save TikTok videos before deleting profile

After thinking about it you are sure you want delete the TikTok profile? As we said in the initial paragraphs, after 30 days the procedure becomes irreversible. Thus, you will lose your published content, the accounts you follow and your followers. If you want to keep your videos you will have the possibility to save them before proceeding with the deletion of the profile. Do you want to know how? Follow the instructions below and in a few steps you will download them to your mobile device. So, let’s get started:

Here you will just have downloaded your first video from TikTok. Now that the procedure is clear, all you have to do is repeat this same operation with all the videos you want to save on your device.

How to make TikTok profile private

If you are still unsure of the TikTok account deletion and you don’t want your account to be visible there is another option you can evaluate. The Chinese social network gives you the opportunity to make your profile private, so that users cannot view it and you can have time to decide whether you want to permanently delete it or not. This setting turns out to be quite useful in these cases. The content you have created and published remains on your account, but they will only be visible to you and no one else. Did this information intrigue you and you want to give it a try? Read on to find out how make TikTok profile private. Proceed like this:

If you followed the instructions carefully here it is you have just made your TikTok profile private. In case you change your mind and you want to make your account public again you will have to follow the same procedure just explained and move the lever again in the opposite direction.

How to delete TikTok profile

Here we are at the actual procedure of deleting your TikTok profile. At this point you will have acquired all the necessary information on what deleting the profile entails, you will have probably already saved the videos you like most and do not want to lose and you are ready for the actual deletion. Read the following steps carefully and proceed step by step. You will need to:

Perfect, your profile is in cancellation status. Nothing complicated, right? As we said at the beginning of this guide, you will have 30 days to change your mind and stop deleting your TikTok profile. After this month’s time, you will have no way of getting it back. If you are already sure or as soon as the 30 days have passed you can uninstall the application from your smartphone or tablet. You will need to hold down the icon and click on Uninstall.

How to block deletion from TikTok

You have performed the procedure of deletion of TikTok profile, but have you changed your mind now? Maybe you want to go back to watching funny videos that kept you entertained or maybe you want to start posting more frequently and get more followers. Don’t worry. As we explained earlier there is a margin of time to retrace your steps e block deletion. Less than 30 days How long have you confirmed the deletion? In this case you are in luck, because there is still no way to recover the account. Do you want to know how to do it?

Here you have just blocked the process of deleting your TikTok profile. That’s right, you only need one login to your account, nothing could be simpler. If, on the other hand, it has been more than 30 days since you confirmed the cancellation, unfortunately you will not be able to do anything to go back and recover your account. You will therefore have to create a new one and start from scratch. If you downloaded your videos before deletion, you can publish them again and wait for the reactions of the Chinese social network community.

How to delete TikTok profile without password

Do you want delete the TikTok profile, but don’t remember what your password is? It may be that you have changed it at some point, or that it has been a long time since the account was created and you have forgotten it. Unfortunately, without password you will not be able to delete your TikTok profile. To confirm the operation you will be asked to enter it and it is a step that you will not be able to skip in any way. Are you wondering why? It is a security requirement that prevents the deletion of other users’ profiles, so it is for the good of the whole community.

How to recover the password

So how to do if forgot your TikTok password? To proceed with deleting your profile you will need to recover it first. Let’s see how to do it:

If, on the other hand, you are not asked to enter your credentials and you are already connected, you will need to:

Here you will just have chosen the new TikTok password. At this point, all you have to do is follow the instructions on deleting your profile in the previous paragraph.