How to disable iTunes Helper on your Mac

iTunesHelper or iTunes Helper, is an Apple program that runs in the background and monitors the connection of any iOS device to the Mac, if an iPhone, iPad or iPod is detected, iTunes Helper will automatically launch the iTunes application.

The functionality is the same on both Mac OS X and Windows, and there are no serious ramifications if disabled (except that iTunes will no longer run automatically when you connect your iPhone or iPad). it is loaded automatically during system startup in macOS X, and therefore to deactivate it, we must go to the System Preferences and look for it in the Start option.

How to disable iTunes Helper

Step 1. Open system preferences on your Mac

Step 2. Click on ‘Users and groups’. Then you must click ‘Start items’.

Step 3. Uncheck the box next to the iTunesHelper app and close the system preferences.

Step 4. Restart your Mac.

Now when you connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, iTunes will not open automatically, it will only run when you want.