How to download an application that is not on Google Play?

There are different reasons why sometimes we can’t find the app what were we looking for in Google Play Store. Perhaps they have been withdrawn or are prohibited according to the IP of the country from which we enter our device. Today we are going to show you different ways to try to find “that” application that we need.

The first of them is very simple. Is about find an external store and we are not referring to piracy but to an official store of another company, for example that of Amazon. These sell you applications as you could find in Google Play but perhaps at other prices and perhaps there they do have the one you are looking for. Apart from Amazon are the least known; Mobogenie, SlideME, Getjar or F-Droid among many others.

The second option it is search within Google Play (Even if it looks like a lie), an application to modify our VPN, which is nothing more than our device identity. With this we can enter applications that are not available for download in our territory.

The third option it’s more difficult and it’s about search some download site. We can try if the company itself lets us download the application from its official website if it had or in other secure portals. What’s more There are sites where you can download the apk just by giving the address where it is in Google Play. Once done we will only have to drag it from our pc to the Android device and install it.

As you can see, not everything related to Android applications stays in the Google store and there are other legal possibilities to download an apk.