How to download and install WhatsApp on iPod Touch

WhatsApp Messenger is a multiplatform instant messaging application very popular among mobile phone users, and used by many to replace the native SMS applications on most mobile phone brands.

As far as iOS is concerned, WhatsApp is only compatible with the iPhone, leaving out iPad and iPod touch users. However, there are always alternatives to follow and a few months ago, we showed you a method that allows you to use WhatsApp on the iPad, and we recently discovered that the same method can be used to install and use WhatsApp on iPod touch.

In the App Store WhatsApp is simply only available for the iPhone, even when a user manages to install it, the application will only show an error message when launched. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, just follow our step-by-step guide.

Note: We have only tested this method on iPod touch 4G, so we can’t say for sure if it works on other generations of iPod touch.

1 – Installing WhatsApp

Before the tweak can be applied, your iPod touch must first be jailbroken and it must also have WhatsApp installed. Since WhatsApp does not appear in the iPod touch App Store, nor can it be installed through iTunes, it must be installed manually. Fortunately, there is an easy way to do it. If you already have WhatsApp installed, you can go to option 2, “How to make WhatsApp work”.

Connect your iPod touch to your computer and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Download and install the IPhone Configuration Utility, a business-oriented tool provided by Apple that allows devices to be easily customized.

  • Download iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows
  • Download iPhone Configuration Utility for Mac

Step 2. From iTunes, search “WhatsApp Messenger” and download it (or just download it here).

Step 3. Throw the Configuration Utility of the iPhone, which you must have installed before. On the other hand, select your iPod and navigate to the tab “Applications”.

Step 4. Click on “Add IPA” (Add IPA) and select the WhatsApp file that you have previously downloaded, and that should be in the following path iTunes Media> Mobile Applications. If you prefer, you can drag the WhatsApp file from iTunes to your desktop, and point the iPhone Configuration Utility there.

Step 5. Once the correct IPA is selected, simply scroll down and press “Install”. In a matter of seconds, WhatsApp should be installed on your iPod touch.

2 – How to make WhatsApp work

Now simply launch Cydia from your iPod touch and search WhatsPad. Install the first result that appears, which must be the BigBoss repository and it is free. Just restart iPod touch after installation.

It is done! Now you can launch WhatsApp, and it will work the same way it works on the iPhone, except that you need a Wi-Fi connection at all times. Remember that you have to enter the 3-digit activation PIN, therefore, you need a cell phone capable of receiving text messages. Enter the phone number in the WhatsApp application on your iPod touch, and then enter the 3-digit PIN that will be sent to you.

Now yes, everyone to use WhatsApp on the iPod Touch. If someone tries it on other versions of iPod touch tell us how it works through the comments.