How to download photos and videos from Facebook TUTORIAL!

Facebook is a treasure trove of memories of you and your friends, so you may want to download photos and videos from Facebook to your computer or Android mobile. We will show you the official methods, as well as third-party Facebook photo download multimedia applications, which allow you to download your photos, your friends’ photos, and videos.

How to download photos from Facebook

If you want to save a single photo to Facebook, don’t bother with third-party apps or websites. Facebook itself offers a simple download tool.

  • On the desktop: open the photo, click Menu (the three-dot icon)> Download.
  • On an Android mobile: open the photo in the Facebook application, touch Menu (the three dots icon)> Save to phone.
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You can use this method to download photos from Facebook. It’s as simple as that.

However, to download your friends’ Facebook photos, the privacy settings of Facebook photos should allow it.

How to download Facebook albums

If you want to download a Facebook album from your own profile, Facebook has a simple method to do so. Again, you don’t need any third party download app for this.

  • Navigate to your profile by clicking on your own name.
  • Go to Photos> Albums.
  • Open the album you want to download.
  • In the upper right corner, click the three dots icon and select Download album.
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Facebook will get to work to close all the photos. Depending on the size of the album, this may take some time. Once this is done, you will receive a notification that the album is ready to download.

The downloaded album comes as a ZIP file. You will need to extract it to access the images.

How to download all your photos from Facebook

There is also a simple method to download all the Facebook photos that you have uploaded. You’ll even get them in the correct subfolders per album. But the file names can be a bit strange.

Here is the simple Facebook photo downloader offered by Facebook itself:

  • Go to Facebook settings in your desktop browser or click Facebook.com/Settings.
  • Click on Your information of Facebook in the sidebar.
  • Choose Download your information.
    Click on Deselect all and then select just the box Publications.
  • Choose the quality of the image files. We recommend changing Medium to high if you want full resolution copies. The settings you choose will determine the size of the file. If you have a lot of images, this will increase the size of the file and the time it takes to prepare it.
  • Click on Create file.
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It will take some time for Facebook to prepare the ZIP file, depending on how many photos and videos you have on Facebook. This can also be several gigabytes. Once this is done, you will receive a notification to download it from Available files.

Download and unzip the archive to see all your posts and images, with albums as subfolders.

Best Facebook Photo Downloader App

The name is a mouthful, but Download VNHero Studio Videos and Photos – Facebook and Instagram is the best Facebook image downloader app out there. It’s free, it’s very easy to use, and it works for videos too.

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With this application, you can download your own photos and albums, and also your friends’ Facebook photo albums. You can also search for users or pages and download photos and videos from there.

The application menu has quick links for the pages you liked, saved videos and images, and bookmarks.

Touch “Your photos” to see your own images, “Of friends” to find someone on your friends list or Top videos to find recommended videos on Facebook Watch.

Picture «Search users» used to find a user or a page. Then find the album you want. Here, you can download all the photos in the album or select some to save. The method also works for videos.

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How to save Facebook videos on your computer or mobile

Images on Facebook have a simple download button. But the videos don’t have such an easy way to download them. FBDown.net is one of the simplest web applications for saving Facebook videos. It works on both desktop computers and smartphones.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Open the Facebook video and copy your link.
  • Head over to FBDown and paste the link. Click or tap the button Download.
  • Click on Download video in HD quality or Normal quality and start downloading.
  • In case the video is playing in your window instead of downloading, go back to the previous page. Right click on Download video in HD quality, choose Keep link like … and download it in the folder of your choice.
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It should work like a charm. The downloaded file will be in MP4 format, which should be fine for most people. The method also works on mobile browsers.

However, iOS users will need to do this in Firefox as you cannot use Safari or Chrome.

FBDown also has a handy extension for Google Chrome on the desktop. When you are playing a Facebook video, click on the extension icon to download it to your computer.

There are many other sites that work the same as FBDown. Now that you can save Facebook videos, you may want to go back and find old videos that you liked. To help you do that, here is a guide on how to find videos on Facebook.

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Other Facebook Download Tools

Besides photos and videos, Facebook has a ton of information about you. The company is also known for its data collection.

The above methods allow you to download photos and videos easily, but you may want to consider backing up your Facebook history and learning about other download and data management tools.