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How to download PNG images on iPhone. Trick to recognize them

If you use Google to search and download png images, I’m sure this article will come in handy. We are going to teach you a trick to recognize them at first.

Download PNG images on iPhone

In this new article in our section of tutorials for iOS, I’m sure we’ll tell you something that you’re going to get a lot of use out of. If you are one of the users who loves to make photographic compositions or you are an Instagram Stories crack and you usually add PNG images in your stories, we are going to give you a joy.

We have found a way to know which image is PNG and which is not, in a 100% accurate way. And all thanks to a Safari detail that lets us know.

How to download PNG images with transparent background:

When searching for an object, thing, element… in PNG, putting in Google, for example “PNG Skulls”, many of those that appear in the Images section are not. Normally this image format comes with a gray and white checkered background, but all the ones that appear in the search result are not PNGs.

Normally to detect them, which is somewhat difficult at first, we were guided by the white or black background that accompanies some of them. That betrayed, almost always, that when pressing them we were presented with the famous background of squares that we have mentioned before. But that is something that often fails. When downloading the image and using it in our photo editor or Instagram Stories, we realize that it is not PNG.

Well, in the past we could differentiate them by a small animation that occurred on the screen once we held down the images. Now this trick doesn’t work.

Now to differentiate them we have to see that in the global of PNG images that appears on the screen, those with a white background.

PNG images on Google

When pressing them, if the background that was white is transformed into squares as we see in the following image, we can download the image because it is a PNG image.

Image with checkered background

To download it, simply hold it down and choose the “Add to Photos” option.

What do you think?. Now you can make compositions of all kinds and, also, this great trick for instagram stories.