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How to enable autoplay on Amazon Music

How to enable autoplay on Amazon Music

We show you the way to power enable autoplay on amazon music and that music continues to play once what we listen to has finished.

So you can activate autoplay on Amazon Music

Today we are going to teach you enable autoplay on amazon music. Ideal for music to continue playing once what we are listening to has finished playing.

Surely if you are an Amazon Music user, you will have noticed that when something we are listening to has finished playing… the music stops and nothing else plays. On platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, this does not happen since it continues to play and play music that we like.

Well, in Amazon Music we can also do this, but we must activate it… which is what we are going to tell you today.

How to enable autoplay on Amazon Music

The process is very simple, but of course… we must find this function to be able to activate it. But at APPerlas we are going to explain step by step how to do it and not get lost in the attempt.

So, we open the app and we go to the settings of it by clicking on the icon of the gears that we see in the upper right. In this menu that we see we must click on “Settings”.

Now we will see that several sections appear that we can modify according to our preferences. In this case, we must scroll down until we find the section «Auto play».

Activate the tab

This is deactivated by default, but we must activate it so that in this way, when what we have put in finishes playing, the music continues playing. If this is not activated, when a list or a song that we have put on ends… the music will stop and nothing else will sound until we play it again.

This is ideal for those moments when we are playing sports, or driving in the car… Since we don’t have to worry about playing music.