How to fix the problem of non-existent message notifications on Instagram

At a time when i social networks are constantly evolving, Instagram continues to keep its subscriber base constant. Thanks to a platform that changes little over time, brings only limited but strategic updates and is not afraid to retrace its steps when some news does not get the desired response. Yet there is no shortage of problems and bugs, as it naturally should be, which can be solved in two ways.

On the one hand with periodicals app updates, to be downloaded on the Google or Apple online markets based on the reference operating system. On the other hand with the “artisan” suggestions of the community of members. How then to solve the problem of notifications of non-existent messages on Instagram? There is talk of real ghost notifications because the reports that arrive on the Instagram app do not correspond to anything real. So let’s try to better understand what is happening and how to deal with the Instagram message notifications problem.

  • Notifications of non-existent messages on Instagram, what are we talking about
  • IGTV’s “trick” to solve the Instagram message notifications problem
  • What if the ghost notification problem was down to the Instagram app?
  • The additional solution: unlink the Facebook account

Notifications of non-existent messages on Instagram, what are we talking about

Notification of non-existent messages on Instagram is a problem widespread on both Android smartphones and iPhones. However, this is not a bug that affects all subscribers to the social platform. However, it happens that user reports on the presence of a ghost notification in direct are increasing. We are talking about ghost notifications because they are signaled to be displayed, as if there was a chat to open. But in reality this notification does not really exist in direct ie it has no correspondence. In practical terms, every time the Instagram user receives real notifications in direct, the red icon at the top right of the home makes a sum of +1.

What to do to solve this problem? Certainly it is not enough to disconnect the account. And neither uninstall and download the latest Instagram versions directly from Apple and Google online markets. And obviously, the direct update of the app, without proceeding with the new installation, does not seem to be enough.

IGTV’s “trick” to solve the Instagram message notifications problem

Specifying that the solutions to solve the Instagram message notifications problem are dictated by the user experience and are not the official ones, there are those who suggest pointing the index with the IGTV or Instagram TV.

So, to eliminate ghost notifications, it may be enough to touch the IGTV icon in the upper right corner of the smartphone screen. Then check out the video shared by the followed users. After seeing it, exit the app and then re-enter. By then the false notification may have disappeared.

What if the ghost notification problem was down to the Instagram app?

While not everyone ensures that it is enough to solve the Instagram message notifications problem, another simple way is log out of the app. In practical terms this means tapping the Profile icon, then Disconnect within the Settings. Then log in with your credentials. If you have selected the Remember option, you do not need to re-type your username and password. Just tap the login button and you’re good to go.

Also an Instagram update not done could cause this problem. We continue to use the conditional because it is not a universal solution. In any case, start the App Store from the main screen of the iPhone or Google Play from an Android smartphone and tap on Updates from the menu at the bottom. Then find the Instagram app from the list of apps to update and tap the Update button next to Instagram.

It may reasonably seem strange, but also disconnect the Facebook account from Instagram it can be the ultimate solution to remove ghost notifications. To do this, you must first start the Instagram app and tap the Profile icon in the lower right corner, the Next button: then tap the Hamburger icon or the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. Then scroll down and choose Linked accounts in the Privacy and security section and then tap on Facebook and choose the Unlink account command. A pop-up window appears asking you to confirm the action. After tapping Yes, the Facebook account disconnects from Instagram. At this point, go back to the Instagram homepage and check all direct messages and shared stories. So, update the home: the fake Instagram notification should be gone.