How to force close an application in OS X

When an application hangs on your Mac, sometimes the quickest solution is to force close it. Or what is the same, kill the process.

In most cases, this frees up the system and allows you to restart the program so that you can continue with your work.

There are three main ways to force quit a program in OS X.

The first is the Quit-Force menu, which is activated by pressing the arrow keys. Option + Command + Esc or by selecting it from the Apple menu. In this way you can close the OS X programs launched in your user account.

Unfortunately, the Quit-Force panel is reserved for user applications, and therefore it will not allow you to cope with a task that is running in the background. But don’t worry, we will also explain that in a future post.

Meanwhile, you can now close the applications that are hanging by pressing the keys at the same time. Option + Command + Esc.

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