How to get iTunes 11 mini player on your iOS device

iTunes 11 has a pretty nifty MiniPlayer that allows you to quickly access the music controls and song queue in OS X. The point of the MiniPlayer is that it stays out of your way, but is also easily available anywhere on the screen. from your Mac. I mean, it doesn’t get in the way.

Since we don’t have a widget with similar functionality on iOS, something like a MiniPlayer cannot float between apps. But thanks to the jailbreak, you can get a MiniPlayer inspired by the iTunes mini-player but for the iPhone and iPad.

The tweak is called MiniPlayer, and version 2.0 was released on Cydia today with a complete redesign. As you can see, the look of the player itself is very Apple-like. By default, the MiniPlayer sits to the side of your iOS device screen, patiently waiting to be invoked by a swipe or tap gesture. Once you’re done, you can leave it floating on the screen or hide it again.

A 10-inch iPad can make more / better use of a tweak like this than what can be done on an iPhone. When you have the widget floating next to the applications, it is best to have more space on the screen. That is not to say that MiniPlayer does not look good on the iPhone. In fact, it fits the space available on the iPhone very well.

In the Settings app, you can select whether you want to hide the MiniPlayer from the lock screen (which makes sense given that the music controls are already present there) and the bar can be hidden when music is paused. Other than that, what you see is pretty much what you get. Tapping the album cover opens the application that is providing the music. I have checked it with the default music application, with Rdio, Pandora and with the Podcasts application. Everything worked without a hitch, but the songs that are playing may take a moment to show the covers.

If the idea of ​​having the iTunes MiniPlayer on the iPhone or iPad is attractive to you, this is the best option for now. In fact, I’d like to see more iTunes functionality in future updates, like queuing for a playlist and searching.

You can download MiniPlayer for $ 2 on Cydia.