How to have Instagram on the iPad with the same functions as on the iPhone

We show you the way to have Instagram once and for all on the iPad and thus be able to use it from this device as on the iPhone.

So you can have Instagram on the iPad

Today we are going to teach you to have Instagram on the iPad. A good solution to be able to use this social network without having to pick up the iPhone.

Surely on more than one occasion you have tried to download the official app for your iPad and have discovered that it is somewhat disappointing. The truth is that this is not adapted for this type of screen, only for the iPhone. That’s why you can’t see it properly and you only see a bad adaptation of a mobile app.

But in APPerlas We are going to show you how to have Instagram on the iPad and make it work like a charm. So don’t miss a thing.

How to have Instagram on the iPad

What we must do is go to safari. Let us remember that with the arrival of iPadOS all websites are displayed in the desktop version and not in the mobile version, a big step for the iPad …

Therefore, we access the Instagram website and we enter our account. We will see that we access without any problem and that we can do absolutely everything, just like on the iPhone.

But now, the most important step remains, create a shortcut from the home screen of our iPad. For it, click on the share button that appears at the top …

Click on the share icon (square with up arrow)

We will see that the share menu is displayed, where a tab appears with the name of >.

Click on the selected tab so that it is added to our home screen

We click on this and another screen automatically appears with the Instagram icon, where we must click on the button > that appears at the top.

Once this is done, we will have our icon on the home screen, just as if we had installed the app. But now every time we enter, we will not see the badly adapted version of the iPhone. If we see the version for iPad, which is neither more nor less than the web version, where today we can do absolutely everything.

In this way we will already have Instagram on the iPhone, on the iPad and also on the Apple Watch.