How to hide the last connection on Instagram for iPhone

We show you how to hide the last connection on Instagram. In this way no one will know if we have been connected or not.

Hide last connection on Instagram

Today we are going to teach you hide last connection on Instagram. A good way to hide from others if we have been connected or not, in the purest style WhatsApp.

Instagram it has become everyone’s social network. With it we can share what we do at all times, the places to which we have traveled, meet other people … In addition, we also have the possibility of chatting with our friends or with people we do not know yet. That is why it has gradually appeared on the devices of all users, or most of them.

We are going to focus this time on that last connection that appears in the chats. And it is that we can hide it or have it active, as we told you in an article published on this website.

How to hide the last connection on Instagram

If there is one but that we can highlight about Instagram, it is how hidden the functions are. And it is really difficult to find any function or configuration in said app.

That is why we try to make it as easy as possible for you, so that everything is much easier for you. In this case, we are going to see where the function we are talking about is located.

For this we go to our profile and enter the settings. Click on the horizontal bars icon and then on the configuration tab.

Once inside, we will see that several tabs appear, so we must look for the tab “State of activity”.

Press in active state

Inside we see a tab that is activated by default. We must deactivate this function and that’s it.

Disable this option

From now on, our last connection will no longer appear. Of course, we will not see the last connection of the other users either.