How to import photos from iPhone to Mac with OS X El Capitan?

I started my Photos application on the Mac by pressing the Option key and clicking on the photos icon, so that I could choose an external hard drive to store the photos.

However, the Photos application shows “No Photos” in the Import tab when there are about 70GB of photos. The “Photos” tab however shows a lot of photos, but they can’t be imported into my Mac.

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I am running the latest version of iOS 9.2.1 and Mac OS X El Capitan. How do I make this work?

I recommend Image Capture. It’s a little less advanced than the new photos, but in my opinion it’s simpler.

You open /Applications/Utilities/Image Capture.app to start.

Then select the directory you want to import the photos into from the “Import to” drop-down list.

Cmd ⌘ A to select all and press the “import” button or hold Cmd ⌘ and click to select some to import. In both cases, the selected images will be imported into the specified directory.

To delete all these imported photos from the export device (eg iPhone), Cmd ⌘ A and click the “delete” button (it looks like a prohibition sign).

Side note: If you want to rotate an image, click the “Rotate” button (it looks like an arrow) and all selected images will be rotated.

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