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How to install iOS 16 Public Beta on iPhone

How to install iOS 16 Public Beta on iPhone

We show you how to install the iOS 16 Public Beta on your device so you can see what’s new in this version.

So you can install the public beta of iOS 16

Today we are going to teach you how to install the public Beta of iOS 16. Without a doubt, the best way to see what’s new in this version.

Whenever Apple shows us a new version, we want to have it as soon as possible. And the truth is that months go by until we can finally enjoy it. But so that this does not happen and, above all, to correct future errors, Apple gives us the possibility of installing a Beta on our devices. This way we have the latest version of iOS before it is released.

If you want to try it before it is officially published, you can install it as we comment below. But we warn you I still feel a Beta and it can cause some problems. Take this very much into account. Normally it does not happen but we alert you so that you take it into account.

How to install the iOS 16 Public Beta:

The process is very simple and everything is supervised by those on the block, of course. Therefore, we only have to access the Apple website that those from Cupertino provide us to download the Beta.

Once we access this website, which is in English, we can translate with safari translator. Click on the Sign up button, identify ourselves with our Apple ID and in the “Get Started” section, click on “enroll your iOS device”.

Click on “Enroll your iOS device”

A screen will appear telling us that we will have to make, BEFORE ANYTHING, a backup of our iPhone just in case. If we have it done, click on «Download profile» to install profile that allows us to download the Beta and allow us to do so.

Install the Apple profile

Then we go into the Settings iPhonewe touch the downloaded profile:

Click on the downloaded profile

Now click on Install.

Install the profile to download the public beta

When you iPhone has restarted, go to Settings/General/Software update to install the beta.

Install the public beta of iOS 16

Do you see how easy?

We remind you again that we recommend making a backup before installing anything. In case there was a problem installing the Beta, thanks to that backup we would recover all the content.