How to make geofilters for Snapchat, of your city, town, neighborhood, street …

We tell you how to make geofilters for Snapchat and publish them so that all the people of a city, town, neighborhood … can use them.

Are you one of the users of Snapchat that you cannot share a Geofilter of your city, town, neighborhood, street, square …? Everything in this life has a solution. Today we explain how to make geofilters of the city or place you want.

It is a very simple process. Depending on your skill with photo editing or design programs, it will take more or less.

If you have no idea of ​​the subject, we have to tell you that it is very simple to do. It will take longer to do it but all the time invested is good so that the place you want has its personalized geofilter and so that everyone in the area can use it.

We have to warn that it is not enough just to create it. After that we must send it and that in Snapchat approve it. That process is out of our hands and we leave it in their hands.

You can not only make geofilters for places that do not have it. You can venture out and create a cooler one than the ones currently in force. As you can see in the next image, the one in our city is quite ugly hahaha.

Do you dare to do it?


In this video we explain everything step by step:

Here we make some recommendations:

  • That the filter is too low. It may be that when you send it through Snapchat os an error message. In that case you will have to edit it again and lower the design a little more, or make it smaller. Go testing until they accept it.
  • It may be that you save your designs with a white background layer. That you will have to eliminate. Select the layer, in the menu that normally appears on the left of the screen titled LAYERS – BRUSHES, click on the layer commonly called BACKGROUND and then click on the trash can that appears below said menu.
  • In the program GIMP for PC when saving in PNG-24 you must click on the menu FILE the option EXPORT AS … and choose, in the drop-down that appears at the bottom right of the box that appears, PNG IMAGE (* .png)

We hope that with these recommendations, you can make geofilters for your city, neighborhood, town … or the place you want.