How to prevent iTunes from opening every time

If you have an iPhone, iTunes is an essential application for you. You may like it more or less, but you need it. Because you need it? Well, for several reasons, but especially because with iTunes you can make backup copies and restore your iOS device.

You may not need it to sync your music or pay for your subscriptions, but you are going to use it for backup.

That said, once you install iTunes, it will open every time you connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC, as it makes a fresh backup of all your data.

The problem is that iTunes doesn’t check when the last backup was made. Every time you connect an iOS device to the computer, iTunes will try to make a backup.

You can cancel or close iTunes every time it opens, but it’s annoying. And that is why today we will show you how to avoid opening iTunes when connecting an iPhone or iPad to your Windows PC.

When you installed iTunes, some additional services were installed with it. One of these services is called ‘iTunesHelper’ and it is automatically added to the Startup folder so that it runs automatically every time you start your computer. This same service then makes iTunes run every time an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is connected to the PC.

Luckily, disabling iTunesHelper is pretty easy if you’re on Windows 10. Just open the ‘Task Manager’ and go to the tab ‘Beginning’. Find the iTunesHelper app and right-click on it. Select ‘Disable’ from the context menu to stop iTunes from opening when connecting an iPhone.

This same service is responsible for opening iTunes in previous versions of Windows. The procedure is the same if you are using Windows 8.1.

Disabling iTunesHelper in Windows 7 is pretty easy. The only difference is that you can’t do it from Task Manager.

Instead you must press the keys at the same time Win + R to open the dialog box. In the box that opens, type ‘msconfig’ and hit Enter. This will open the system settings window. This window is divided into several tabs, one of which is ‘Home’. Go to the ‘Home’ tab, find iTunesHelper and disable it.

Disabling iTunesHelper will not affect anything else. And it is the fastest way to stop iTunes from opening when connecting an iPhone or iPad. And you can activate it in the same way if necessary.

Importantly, disabling iTunes Helper does not stop the auto sync feature. It just prevents iTunes from opening when you don’t need it.

I think there should be an easier way to do this, but we haven’t found it yet. And while that happens, this is a fairly effective alternative.