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How to reset your ARCHOS Sense 55S

How to reset your ARCHOS Sense 55S

Resetting your ARCHOS Sense 55S is frankly very convenient in many situations. For example, setting your ARCHOS Sense 55S to factory settings is often a must to update your smartphone. Please note that restarting a laptop is not a very difficult task. However, a few details must be taken care of before embarking on the restoration of your ARCHOS Sense 55S. So let’s see what it is settle down and the precautions to take before starting the operation. We will discover in a second part the conditions under which it is necessary to restart your laptop. Finally, we will guide you through the process of resetting your phone.

Why reset your ARCHOS Sense 55S?

Factory reset or reset is a method to reset all data and settings on your ARCHOS Sense 55S. As a result, all data is deleted and all settings are reset. In short, this means that the laptop is back to normal when it leaves the factory. We must avoid confusion reset and root, which are completely different principles. In case you want more rooting information, you can read our little guide to root your ARCHOS Sense 55S. Warning: When you choose to format your ARCHOS Sense 55S, it means that all data to be stored will be erased, unless it is stored on the SD card. Therefore, we recommend that you transfer your important data to the SD card before you start to reset your ARCHOS Sense 55S.

In which case, it is useful to restart your ARCHOS Sense 55S

In case you still don’t know if you want to format your ARCHOS Sense 55S, here are some reasons why it is very useful to do so:

What you need to do before you can reset your ARCHOS Sense 55S

Just before you start to format your device, we recommend that you do two things.

make a backup

The first one is just a precaution, but it may be necessary in case you have trouble restarting. This is the backup of your device. In practice, you can refer to our tutorial to make a backup of the ARCHOS Sense 55S, if you are careful.

Remove sync accounts

The second and most important thing to do is account desynchronization of your ARCHOS Sense 55S. And yes, you may have connected accounts to your device while using the ARCHOS Sense 55S. For example, your Google, Instagram or Facebook account. If you don’t remove the sync, these accounts will stay in sync even after the reboot. So, if you want to remove the synchronization from your account, this is what you need to do: first go to the settings of your ARCHOS Sense 55S, then select the tab Bill. Once done, select the account to unsynchronize and press three little dots. All that remains is to choose delete account to unsynchronize it. The maneuver obviously needs to be replicated for all accounts.

Tutorial to reset your ARCHOS Sense 55S

Once you have completed the preparatory actions, you can now continue with the reboot of the ARCHOS Sense 55S. However, make sure your ARCHOS Sense 55S is at least 85% charged, as formatting may take some time. If possible, we recommend that you leave your phone plugged in. To start the operation, it is quite easy, again you will have to go to the Settings of your ARCHOS Sense 55S. Then go to the tab save and restart. Once done, you have to click on it. Restore factory settings or restore factory settings. You will be prompted for confirmation, and once confirmed, your ARCHOS Sense 55S will start to reboot. It may restart multiple times and may take a few minutes. When finished, your ARCHOS Sense 55S will reboot.

Reset your ARCHOS Sense 55S with a third party application

If for some reason you cannot format Android using the above technique, please note that apps allow you to do so. Thus, applications like Simple Factory Phone Reset allow you to do it with a few clicks. Just install the app and follow the instructions. However, these apps are mostly in English, but you don’t have to be bilingual to use them.