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How to reset your Wiko View 2 Pro

How to reset your Wiko View 2 Pro

Resetting your Wiko View 2 Pro can be really useful for a multitude of reasons. Indeed, it is sometimes necessary to reset your Wiko View 2 Pro to factory settings to reset a device. Note that resetting a mobile is not a very complex task to implement. Still, you will need to pay attention to a few little things before committing to restore your Wiko View 2 Pro. So let’s see what it is. settle down smartphone and what to look for before starting the process. We will find out in a second moment in which situations it is necessary to restart your mobile. Finally, we will show you how to reset your device.

What is the reset of your Wiko View 2 Pro?

Factory reset or reset is a process of resetting all data and settings of Wiko View 2 Pro. As a result, all data is erased and all parameters are reset. Schematically, this means that the mobile is back to how it was when you took it out of its box. not to be confused reset and root, which are two completely different principles. If you want more information on how to root, you can read our little guide to root your Wiko View 2 Pro. Warning: when you decide to format your Wiko View 2 Pro, it means that all stored data will be erased, unless it is stored on the card SD. Therefore, we suggest that you copy all your important data to the SD card before you start to hard reset your Wiko View 2 Pro.

In which case it is useful to reset your Wiko View 2 Pro

If you are still hesitating to format your Wiko View 2 Pro, here are some reasons why it is very useful to do so:

What you need to do before resetting the Wiko View 2 Pro

Before you start to format your phone, we suggest you do two small things.

make a backup

The first is just a precaution, but may be necessary if you experience problems restarting. This is the backup of your device. Indeed, you can browse our tutorial to make a backup of the Wiko View 2 Pro, if you are careful.

Unsync accounts

The second and most important thing to do is account desynchronization of your Wiko View 2 Pro. And yes, while using Wiko View 2 Pro, most likely you have connected accounts on this phone. For example, your Google, Twitter or Facebook account. Assuming you don’t stop syncing, these accounts will stay synced even after the reboot. So if you want to disable the synchronization of your accounts, here are the steps: first go to the Wiko View 2 Pro settings, then click on the tab Bill. When you’re done, click the account you want to delete, and then click the three little dots. All you have to do is click on it. delete account to unsynchronize it. Of course, the maneuver must be repeated for all accounts.

Tutorial to reset your Wiko View 2 Pro

Once you have completed the preparatory actions, you can now proceed to hard reset Wiko View 2 Pro. Still, make sure your Wiko View 2 Pro is at least 85% charged as formatting may take some time. If possible, we recommend that you leave your smartphone plugged in. To start the process, it is very simple, again you will have to go to the Settings of your Wiko View 2 Pro. Then go to the tab save and restart. When it’s over, you have to choose Restore factory settings or restore factory settings. You just need to confirm and your Wiko View 2 Pro will start to reboot. It may restart multiple times and the operation may take several minutes. Once this is done, your Wiko View 2 Pro will look like new!

Restart your Wiko View 2 Pro with a third-party application

Assuming that for some reason you cannot format Android with the manipulation seen above, keep in mind that the applications allow you to do so. For example, apps like Phone Factory Reset allow you to do this very quickly. All you have to do is download the app and let it guide you. However, these apps are mostly in English, but you don’t have to be bilingual to get there.