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How to root your Blackview A20

Rooting your Blackview A20 can be really convenient for a multitude of reasons. Without a doubt, if you want to make unique configurations or if you want to increase the performance of your device, you will need to root your Blackview A20. So we can see first of all, what is the root of a phone. Secondly, we will see why it is really convenient to root your Blackview A20. Finally, we’ll look at security by taking a closer look at the risks that rooting a device can cause. Finally, we will end this post with the steps to follow and the steps to root your smartphone.

What does it mean to root a Blackview A20?

Root is a method that goes back to disable user rights of your Blackview A20. In that way, rooting the Android OS will allow you to become a super user and thus gain greater rights on the phone. Switching to super user via root will allow you to access system files on your Blackview A20, something that was not possible with normal user rights. If you’re wondering why Android phones aren’t rooted in the first place, it’s because it would cause security issues at the OS level.

From what perspective can I root a Blackview A20?

There are several good reasons to root your Blackview A20 and they are relatively numerous. For the most important ones, here is a short list of things you can do once your Blackview A20 is rooted:

  • Delete original apps on your phone to gain some memory.
  • Customize all kinds of settings
  • Increase phone performance
  • Make full backups of your phone
  • Discover deleted documents
  • Put a custom version of Android with custom ROMs

Be careful: sometimes people confuse rooting and rebooting a smartphone. In case the distinction is not clear to you, we encourage you to consult our tutorial to reset a Blackview A20, to be sure that it is the rooter that interests you.

The steps to follow before rooting your Blackview A20

First of all, keep in mind that rooting your Android phone does not remove the warranty of your Blackview A20, when you are in France or Europe. So no problem on that side. Having said that, it is important to point out that root causes the modification of important files for the correct functioning of your Blackview A20. So make sure you know what you’re doing before you start. We suggest that you choose a tutorial specially written for your Blackview A20.

How to root your Blackview A20

What conditions should be followed before rooting your phone

Before starting the process, you will need to make sure of a number of things. In fact, you will first need to recharge your device and make sure that it is fully charged to more than 85%. You will then need to download the programs and software that will give you the opportunity to root your Blackview A20. Depending on your device model, you will need to check which app is required. In case you don’t know how to install an app, you can refer to this post on how to install an app on Blackview A20. We present below two applications that are compatible with most models. However, you can check if Blackview A20 is compatible with the app by going to the compatible devices page.

Root Blackview A20 easily with Towelroot

Towelroot is a software that will allow you to root your Blackview A20 pretty quickly. It works normally on all android smartphones and so it must work for Blackview A20. This software exploits a flaw in Android, which suggests rooting the device. To install it, nothing more childish, just search for it and install it on the Blackview A20. All you have to do is verify that you have enabled the installation ofunknown source app on your smartphone. All you have to do is follow the relatively simple procedure. If you are busy, you will easily find tutorials detailing the steps.

Root Blackview A20 easily with Kingo Root

Just like Towelroot, Kingo Root is also an application that will allow you to root your Blackview A20 without any problem. With this software, you have the option to start live rooting on your mobile device or using your computer. It’s up to you to see what you like best. The process is similar to Towelroot and there are also a number of tutorials with this software.

Root Blackview A20 with other applications

There are several other commercial applications that allow you to root your Blackview A20. We haven’t tested them, but you can always try them in case the first 2 solutions we offer don’t work.