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How to save battery for Samsung Galaxy A3 2017

How to save battery for Samsung Galaxy A3 2017

Saving the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 battery is frankly a real technique if you often run out of battery on your Samsung Galaxy A3 2017. Indeed, in these times and in view of how much we use our mobile phones, saving a little battery it is not a luxury. Everyone has already been seen in the battery compartment in the middle of the night or at an important moment. If you ever want this to happen again, here is a short summary of all the tips that give you the chance to save battery life on Samsung Galaxy A3 2017. So let’s find out what are the battery saving tips first. Finally, we will see what are the effective applications to increase battery life.

Our tips to save battery on the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017

Reduce the brightness of the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A3 of 2017

The Samsung Galaxy A3 2017’s screen and its backlight are probably the two things that pump the most battery into the laptop. Since you will need to use the screen, your best way to save battery life for Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 is to reduce the brightness. To do this, we recommend that you lower it manually and not set it to auto-adjust.

Cut apps you don’t use

Applications are a huge source of power consumption on the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017. For this reason, we recommend that you close all the applications that you are not using. In addition to this, it is also beneficial to close apps that are running in the background by going to the app manager. Some apps are more greedy than others.

Turn off the Internet when you are not using it

The fact that the internet is activated in the Samsung Galaxy A3 of 2017 consumes battery. In fact, an easy technique to save battery life is to turn on 4g when you’re not using it. You will notice that it is very self-sufficient.

Set a fast standby mode on the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017

Because the screen consumes a battery, it is relatively consistent that a fast screensaver saves battery power. Indeed, in the event that you no longer use your Samsung Galaxy A3 2017, you will have all the advantages of the screen turning off quickly. To do this, set the time before idle to a minimum.

Put a black wallpaper on the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017

It’s silly, but it’s good to know that colored wallpapers consume more than black wallpaper. So if you agree to sacrifice beauty for a little battery, you know what you have left to do.

Remove voice support from Samsung Galaxy A3 2017

It is also a possible source of energy consumption. Certainly, if you don’t use the Android OS’s voice support, there’s no point in letting it turn on. It is easy to disable it in the settings, it will always consume less on your Samsung Galaxy A3 2017.

Install as few widgets as possible

These mini gadgets that are widgets are going to be very useful, but they are not very cost effective for battery life. Therefore, the fewer there are, the better. We recommend that you remove them all and encourage the use of the applications.

Delete useless notifications

There are a number of applications that send notifications that are not always available. Also, notifications consume a bit of battery. So you can also remove notifications that are not useful to you.

Reduce vibrator use

One of the last things to change is the use of the vibrator. Contrary to what many believe, the vibrator consumes more battery than the ringtone of the Samsung Galaxy A3 of 2017.

Save battery for Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 with a dedicated application

In case you don’t want to bother yourself with all these manipulations, keep in mind that there may be apps that save battery life of the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017. And yes, apps like McAfee Battery Saver offer the ability to set all the previously seen settings in one place. Thus, you can customize your settings and save battery life to the maximum! All you have to do is install the app and let it guide you.

Small bonus for not falling into the battery compartment

Even with each of the tips we’ve just discovered, sometimes your battery may not be big enough to use. Indeed, if you use your Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 day and night, saving battery power will not be enough. All you need is a second battery. So below is our list of the best portable batteries on the market. Thanks to this, you will be a painter: