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How to save battery on Google Pixel 3

How to save battery on Google Pixel 3

Saving Google Pixel 3 battery is undoubtedly a real solution in case you constantly run out of battery on your Google Pixel 3. In fact, in these times and when you see how much we use our phones, it saves a thread of Battery is not a luxury. Every individual has already run out of battery in the middle of a night or at a crucial moment. Assuming you don’t want this to happen again, we’ve put together a mini rundown of each of the Google Pixel 3 battery life saving tricks. Finally, we will find out which are the effective battery saving apps.

Our solutions to save battery Google Pixel 3

Reduce the brightness of the Google Pixel 3 screen

The Google Pixel 3 screen and its backlight are probably the 2 most power consuming things on the phone. Since you will need to use the screen, the most effective way to save battery life for your Google Pixel 3 is to reduce the brightness. To do this, we recommend that you reduce it manually and not adjust it automatically.

Close apps you don’t use

Apps are a major source of power consumption on the Google Pixel 3. For this reason, we recommend that you disable all apps that you don’t use. In addition to that, it is also beneficial to kill the apps that are running in the background by going to the app manager. Some applications consume more than others.

Turn off 4G if you’re not using it

Enabling 3G or 4G on Google Pixel 3 uses battery power. Indeed, a basic trick to save battery is to turn off 3g when you’re not using it. You will see that it provides a lot of autonomy.

Set up a quick sleep on your Google Pixel 3

Since the screen uses a lot of power, it’s pretty consistent that a fast screensaver saves battery life. For example, in the event that you do not use your Google Pixel 3, you will benefit from the fact that the screen cuts out quickly. To do this, set the time before idle to a minimum.

Put a black wallpaper on your Google Pixel 3

Everything is against it, but it is important to know that colored wallpapers consume more than a black wallpaper. So, in case you are willing to sacrifice beauty for a little battery, you understand what you have left to do.

Remove voice support from Google Pixel 3

It is still a possible source of energy consumption. In fact, in the event that you do not use Android voice support, there is no point in leaving it activated. You can deactivate it in the settings, it will always be saved for your Google Pixel 3.

Install as few widgets as possible

These lovely widget devices are going to be very useful but, frankly, they’re not good for battery life. In fact, the fewer there are, the better. We encourage you to remove them all and prioritize the use of applications.

Disable useless notifications

There are a number of applications that need to be considered. On top of that, notifications use quite a bit of battery. In this way, you can also remove useless notifications.

Reduce the use of the vibrator

One of the last things to change is the use of the vibrator. Contrary to the beliefs of many people, the vibrator uses more energy than the Google Pixel 3 ringtone.

Save the battery of your Google Pixel 3 with a dedicated application

When you don’t want to bother with all these settings, you should know that there are battery saving apps on your Google Pixel 3. For example, apps like Battery Saver give you the ability to configure the above settings in one place. Then you have the opportunity to choose your settings and save maximum battery power! All you have to do is download the app and follow the instructions.

Small bonus for not running out of battery

Even with all the solutions we’ve seen, sometimes your battery might not be enough for you to use. Without a doubt, if you use your Google Pixel 3 all the time, saving battery power will unfortunately not be enough. All you need is a second battery. Below you will find our selection of the best portable batteries on the market. With the help of this, you will be sure: