How to scan text from WhatsApp on your iPhone

We show you the way to power scan text from whatsapp on your iPhone and thus be able to copy a text faster.

So we can scan text from WhatsApp with our iPhone

Today we are going to teach you scan text from whatsapp. Ideal to be able to copy and write a text that we want to share, in a much faster way.

Surely on many occasions you have wanted to share a text that you have seen, but that is too long to copy it and have to send it… Well, WhatsApp now gives us the possibility of being able to scan it from the same app and automatically copy the text for can be sent.

So if you want to know how to do this, don’t miss anything that we are going to tell you next…

How to scan text from WhatsApp

The process is very simple and in a few steps we will be able to do it. Therefore, we go to the app and go to the chat in which we want to copy the text.

Once we are here, what we must do is go to the bar in which we write the text and we should hold it down. When doing so, we will see that a small pop-up menu appears in which it indicates “Scan text”.

Long press on the text bar

We will see that when clicking on this tab, the camera opens where the keyboard should be. Now what you have to do is scan the text and it will automatically be copied to be sent…

Scan the text and send or modify

In this simple way we can scan text from WhatsApp with our iPhone and thus avoid copying large texts that we want to send.

So now you know one more trick of this instant messaging platform, which, as we always comment, continues to add points little by little to stay at the top of this type of application.