How to send disappearing messages on WhatsApp

Also Whatsapp allows users to send messages that disappear self-destructing after a set period of time. This feature is specially designed for all those who would like to send their friends, relatives and acquaintances important content, but – as a matter of privacy – make them available for a limited period of time.

The so-called “ephemeral messages“They also allow you to optimize the space available. Let’s go immediately to find out how to activate this feature and send photos that self-destruct after being viewed on WhatsApp.

  • What you need
  • What are ephemeral messages?
  • Send disappearing messages with a smartphone
  • Send disappearing messages with a PC
  • Send self-destructing photos

Send disappearing messages: what you need

What is thenecessary to send disappearing messages on WhatsApp?

  • An Android, iOS smartphone or a computer;
  • An Internet connection;
  • The official WhatsApp application.

What are WhatsApp ephemeral messages?

“Ephemeral messages” is a function available on WhatsApp designed specifically to have more privacy. By activating this option, the contents sent and received in a specific conversation (with individual users or groups) will no longer be visible after 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days (you can choose the time interval).

As regards the group chatany participant can activate “Ephemeral Messages”, but administrators can change the settings at any time (to ensure that only certain users can activate or deactivate this function).

However, it should be noted that some users may save the message:

  • By forwarding the content (sending the message, image, document, video or voice message to another person);
  • By acquiring one screenshot (an image that includes everything that is displayed on the screen);
  • By copying the content in the notes;
  • By taking one photo the display using an external camera;
  • Saving an image (received in a chat) on your smartphone.

If a user does not open WhatsApp before the deadline, he will not be able to view ephemeral messages.

How to send disappearing messages on WhatsApp with a smartphone

Let’s start this guide by explaining, step by step, how to send gods messages that disappear up Whatsapp using a smartphone (Android or iOS).

Install WhatsApp

First of all you need to install WhatsApp, the application of instant messaging free. This hugely popular tool is available for Android and iOS. To download the app, you need to start the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS), which are the virtual stores that allow users to download applications (both free and paid).

Enter the application name (“WhatsApp”) in the search field (located at the top). Alternatively, you can reach the official page using the following buttons:

Click now on “Get” (I know “Install“(Android) to download the official application.

Start using the app

After you have successfully installed the application, tap the WhatsApp icon (green) on the main screen (where you can find all other downloaded apps). Read carefully the “Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” and click “Accept and Continue”.

Now you need to register. Select your country, in order to choose the correct prefix, and enter yours telephone number. Click “Next” and enter the 6-digit code received via SMS or call. Customize your profile now by entering your name, photo and all other required information.

How to send disappearing messages

On WhatsApp you can send messages that self-destruct: the contents disappear automatically after a set period of time. Ephemeral messages are not stored in the chat. Below you will find the complete procedure.

Touch the appropriate icon (a circle with a “speech bubble” or a pen) to view the list of all users (you need to memorize their phone number) who use the instant messaging app.

Then choose a contact or a group to start chatting. Tap your name (at the top) to view your profile picture, status, media sent / received, and more.

Click on the item “Ephemeral messages” to activate the function. Read the introductory message carefully and click on “Continue”.

Now choose how long it takes to delete all messages saved in the conversation. You can select one of the available options below “Message timer“(24 hours, 7 days, 90 days).

Thus you will activate the so-called “ephemeral messages”. All content sent and received they will disappear automatically after the chosen time period. We remind you that you will have to follow this procedure in every single conversation.

How to disable ephemeral messages

You can deactivate ephemeral messages at any time, so as to prevent the contents of a specific conversation from disappearing automatically.

Start WhatsApp and locate the conversation with ephemeral messages. Tap the name to view various information and options.

Click on “Ephemeral Messages”.

Choose the last item, that is “No“.

The “Ephemeral Messages” tool will no longer be active: all content sent in this conversation will not disappear.

How to send disappearing messages on WhatsApp with a PC

Ephemeral messages are also available on WhatsApp Webthe PC version.

Connect to WhatsApp Web

Remember, first of all, to download the app on your smartphone. Click here to connect to WhatsApp Web using any browser. Alternatively, you can download theofficial application available for Windows (click here). To start the download, simply click “Download for Windows”. WhatsApp Web is also available on the Microsoft store. It is a specially developed and optimized version for PC.

Open the WhatsApp app for Android or iOS, available on the Google Play Store and App Store. Click on the three dots at the top (Android) or “Settings” (iOS).

You choose “Connected devices“Remember, in fact, that you can use the instant messaging app on four devices at the same time, without the phone necessarily being connected.

Click on “Connect a device“. If your smartphone has biometric authentication (facial recognition or fingerprint), follow the instructions on the display. Otherwise, enter the PIN you usually use to unlock your smartphone.

Frame the QR code (a barcode consisting of black modules enclosed within a white square) present in the official WhatsApp Web client. Now you can send messages, documents, images and voice messages to your contacts. You can also view and listen to content shared by other users.

How to send disappearing messages

To activate ephemeral messages, start WhatsApp Web (by clicking here). Choose any one conversation or a group: on the main page you will find all recent contacts. To start a new chat, you have to click the “bubble” symbol at the top and choose any contact.

Click on the name (above). You choose “Ephemeral messages“and set the timer. Again you can select 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days.

How to disable ephemeral messages

Would you deactivate the ephemeral messages, so as to remove the automatic deletion of content? Open WhatsApp Web (from browser or through the desktop client).

  • Choose the chat (with a single person or a group) and click on the name at the top;
  • Click on “Ephemeral messages”;
  • Choose “No” (the last option).

You can reactivate ephemeral messages at any time, without particular restrictions.

How to send self-destructing photos

Would you like to send multimedia content – a photo or a video – and delete that specific file immediately after opening? On WhatsApp there is a special function. We immediately understand how to use the tool “View once“.

View once on WhatsApp for Android and iOS

To send photos and videos that self-destruct automatically using a smartphone you will first have to download and start WhatsApp.

From the main screen (or by browsing the available contacts) locate the user you would like to send the multimedia content. Press the icon depicting a paper clip (Android) or the “+” button (iOS) and select “Camera” (to take a new photo or record an unreleased video) or “Gallery” (to send content already available on the device ).

Now choose the content to send and click the “1“in the lower part (clearly visible in the following image).

Submit your chosen content.

View once on PC

You can also use the client of WhatsApp Web (click here to start the download). Log into your WhatsApp account by scanning the QR code, so you can view all your conversations.

Choose a chat (with a single person or a group) and click on the paperclip.

You choose “Photo and video“(to send previously created content) or”Camera“(to take a new photo or record a video). Press the” 1 “button to activate” View once “.

Submit the content.