How to Send Large Files by WhatsApp

There are many users who in recent times have asked us how it is possible send large files by WhatsApp, since we know that the messenger allows content to be sent but not when they already exceed a predetermined limit. For it, We can have two very good applications available in the Google Play Store that will allow us to send large files by WhatsApp: WhatsApp File Sender and WaSend.

As we said, WhatsApp by default does not allow you to send any type of files, and the limitations do not have to do only with the extensions, but also with the size available when sending large files through WhatsApp. And to avoid having to use other types of third-party applications, which can be extremely annoying, we want to show you at least two alternatives that may be useful in these cases.

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WhatsApp File Sender (download)

The first of the alternatives that we have at our disposal when sending large files by WhatsApp is the so-called WhatsApp File Sender, which in some way Tricks the application into thinking that when you send files of type doc, rar, pdf, avi, and txt, you are actually sending audio files. In the case of this specific application we can access to send content up to 160MB, much more than the original limit of the application.

WaSend (download)

And basically working in a similar way when sending large files through WhatsApp, we can talk about WaSend, which in your case has the particularity that tricks the application, passing the content through videos. In this case we can even have some more extensions than in the previous one, although the size limit is slightly less, 150MB for each file.

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Have you used WhatsApp File Sender and WaSend? What do you think?