How to send WhatsApp messages without appearing online!

Many WhatsApp users complain that certain features of the application, such as knowing the connection time, the read confirmation marks or the famous “online”, are a violation of privacy. And is that there are many who do not like that others know what and when they are doing something on social networks or, in this case, in instant messaging applications.

Sometimes you may want to send a message to someone, but without other people knowing that you are connected. This situation is really very common and we have all wanted it more than once.

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Even if you hide the time of your last connection, you will always appear “online” when you open WhatsApp. Or at least, until now …

There are certain tricks, or applications in this case, so that you can send that message and that you connection in WhatsApp goes unnoticed. In this way you will save yourself from giving explanations to those who ask you things like “What were you doing connected at 2:00 in the morning?”

How to hide that we are «Online»?

To be able to send WhatsApp messages without appearing online, you just have to download a simple application, nothing to write home about. It’s called Hide for WhatsApp, which translates to “hidden for WhatsApp.”

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With this simple application you can send all the messages you want to whoever you want without appearing online. You will not leave any trace.

To use Hide for WhatsApp obviously you must download and install the application on your Android mobile, which will not take you longer. In addition, you must have the Google application installed on your mobile, which really takes up a little space, but everything is to be able to connect without leaving any trace.

When installed, the application will ask you to grant certain accessibility permissions and to have access to your contacts. But don’t be alarmed as it is mandatory that you have access to your WhatsApp contacts for it to work.

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This application does not disconnect data, as many others do. Hide for WhatsApp Use the Google Now widget, so you can send messages in a hidden way.

Some other inconvenience

The only problem with the application, which is not anything to write home about, is that every time you want to send a message via WhatsApp it will transfer you to the Google application to be able to access your contacts.

Yes, the truth is that this repetitive step is somewhat tedious, but it is worth it if you want to send a message without appearing online.

It happens many times that they send us a message that we cannot, or do not want, to answer at that moment. The truth is that there is nothing wrong, but Some people feel bad that you are connected and that you ignore their messages.

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This application, in short, can save the day for those who want to avoid talking to someone at a certain time, or give explanations for being online late at night, as well as countless other situations that can really become a big headache.

You just have to install it and start sending messages as if you were a ghost … No one will know that you are there.

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