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How to track your cycle, ovulation and pregnancy with apps

How to track your cycle, ovulation and pregnancy with apps

Technology can prove to be very useful for keeping your health under control as well. They are an example heart monitoring app, sleep, or to remember to drink enough water or to meditate. For women there are also useful apps to monitor, cycle, ovulation and pregnancy and have all the useful information at hand simply by updating them constantly. So let’s see which are the best app to monitor your cycleThe best app to track ovulation and the best app to monitor pregnancy.

Best apps to track your period

Flo: Flo is an app available for iOs and Android that helps monitor your cycle, fertility or pregnancy. It keeps track of the start dateintensity and duration of menstruation, fertile window, PMS symptoms, contraception and also the duration of sleep and the steps taken. Moods and various symptoms are also recorded, and those who downloaded it have shown that they particularly appreciate the interface. The basic version is free, to learn more and have more features it is necessary to stipulate a subscription which starts at 9.99 euros.

My menstrual calendar: another simple and intuitive app available for free on the Play Store. Also in this case, in addition to the menstrual cycle, ovulation and fertility can be tracked, the information is displayed in the form of a diary in which the date and beginning of the end of the cycle, symptoms, weight, temperature, contraceptive moods and sexual intercourse are recorded. The “Calendar” section provides an immediate view of the days of the cycle and those of ovulation, and to “manage” everything there is a kitten to click to record the start and end date of the cycle, which can be replaced in the settings with a little dog, a zebra cub or a bunny.

iGyno: Paid app available for purchase on iOS and Android, made by Mirco Bettelini, who wanted to dedicate it to his mother, who died at 70 of breast cancer. Developed with the collaboration of doctors of the European Gynecologists Association, iGyno keeps track of the menstrual cycle allowing you to choose up to 23 symptoms and moods, providing both the start date and the end date, the fertile days and the days to wait to perform a pregnancy test in case of delay. Inside the app there are also informative materials with insights and videos that show, for example, how to perform the correct breast self-examination, and it is possible to activate notifications to be notified of the arrival of menstruation, ovulation and days fertile or to remember to take the birth control pill.

App to monitor ovulation

Ovulation is the so-called fertile period for a woman, in whom it is therefore possible to become pregnant if contraceptives are not used. Monitoring it is especially useful for those who want to get pregnant, but not only. Most of the apps that monitor ovulation they also allow you to keep track of your menstrual cycle, but some are more “specialized” than others. Among these are:

Clue: simple and essential, it can be used both for monitoring the menstrual cycle and as ovulation calendar to calculate the fertile period. You can also record your contraceptive method and set birth control pill reminders. The app also tracks gynecologist appointments, and sends reminders for ovulation days. Those who use it appreciate the no-nonsense graphics and “scientific” approach to the theme. To use it, however, you need to sign up for a subscription: you can download it on the App Store and Play Store.

Glow Fertility: The app tracks your period and records physical symptoms, sexual activity and daily moods to indicate the period of greatest fertility. Glow predicts 40 different health signals from sexual activity, basal body temperature and provides a cycle diagram along with articles dedicated to fertility and tips for getting pregnant, all in graphs. It is also possible to enter the community of women who use it to compare different experiences. Available for iOs and Android, requires a subscription.

App to monitor pregnancy

Then there are the useful apps for future mothers to always have at hand data on the progress of pregnancy, reminders and useful information on the weeks leading up to childbirth, the birth itself and the following weeks. On the stores there are many, but some have proved to be more popular than high for interface, graphics and precision. Here are some of them:

iMamma: one of the most downloaded apps for pregnancy monitoring. It is free, available on the App Store and PlayStore, and is developed in collaboration with medical specialists (the supplier is Angelini Consumer Srl). It is a very complete app that also allows you to monitor, among other things, period And ovulation, but the part dedicated to pregnancy is the most developed. The app provides detailed information for each week of pregnancy, progress, 3D images of the fetus, calculates the expected date of delivery and tracks a lot of information, from weight to pressure through daily hydration and exam log . The app also follows mothers after giving birth, providing useful advice on newborns, and is very intuitive to use, with colorful graphics and easy to navigate. It also provides a lot of informative content both during pregnancy and after childbirth

Sprout: considered by many to be one of the most complete and precise in circulation on the subject pregnancy monitoring, Sprout offers detailed information written together with gynecologists and obstetricians, images of fetal development and the baby growing in 3, a pregnancy diary and a visit agenda, together with a to-do list and also the checklist for the suitcase of the hospital. Available for iOs and Android devices, Sprout offers a one-week free trial of the Premium app. After the trial, you can continue to use some limited features for free or you can upgrade to Premium via an in-app purchase to continue using all features.

Pregnancy +: this is also an app much appreciated by expectant mothers for the many features it offers. Contains expert advice, daily articles, health tips and interactive 3D models that allow you to monitor your baby’s development. It allows you to keep track of visits and even lists of items to buy as the pregnancy progresses. This is also available for iOs and Android, in the basic version for free, with premium features at the cost of 3.99 euros.