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How to transfer data from one Android smartphone to another

How to transfer data from one Android smartphone to another

You have finally decided to buy a new one Android smartphone but you are afraid of losing all your data: photos, messages, contacts and even the device settings. Don’t worry, because there are several ways to transfer the data on the new android device in complete safety.

Obviously this is not an automatic procedure, as you will have to follow some steps to be able move data from one phone to another. In particular, you will first need to enable backup and then go through the transfer procedure. Let’s see how to do it together. However, we anticipate that it is not complicated: just pay a little attention.

If you don’t plan on formatting your old device, you may find our guide on how to delete unused apps on smartphonesso as to save space on the phone.

How to backup Android smartphones

As already written, the first thing to do is create a backup on the old Android smartphone. In fact, it won’t be possible recover old phone data in the absence of a complete backup of the data, which you will subsequently have to export to export to your new device.

For make a backup on the Android smartphone first you will need to enter the phone settings and scroll through the list until you find the entry “Google“, then tap on the next item”Backup“.

Note that settings differ depending on the brand of the smartphone. In case of difficulty you can type the word directly “Backup“in the settings search bar, so as to immediately enter the dedicated section.

If this is the first time you have carried out such an operation, you will find yourself in the welcome page of the service “Backup by Google One“.

The screen will inform you that you will be able to use your freeGoogle account (15 gigabytes) to be able to store apps and related data, SMS, call history, device settings and much more. Click at this point on “Activate“to proceed.

As specified by the official support pagethe Backup of Google One will allow you to save the following data:

On the next page, you can check through the “Backup“the available storage space and on which services the backup has been activated. A separate discussion for photos and videos: if you use Google Photos and you’ve set up media sync, your media will already be backed up.

We take this opportunity to remind you how activate backup on Google Photos: enter the app in question, click on your profile icon and select the item “Turn on backup“.

To proceed with saving the personnel, tap on the item “Back up now“and confirm by biometric authentication (fingerprint reader, face unlock or PIN code entry) if you have previously set the screen lock on your smartphone.

Also make sure that the device has sufficient autonomy and is plugged under one wireless network active.

Keep in mind that it may take several minutes to complete the procedure, especially if you have a large amount of data to store.

How to transfer Android smartphone data

There are several methods for for transfer the data from old to new android smartphone. We show you the simplest one, assuming that the new mobile will have to be configured for the first time. Note that you will need to have the old device handy to proceed.

In the initial setup procedure on the new Android smartphone, the system will first ask you to log into a Wi-Fi network and log into your Google account. After a few steps, a screen will appear where you can choose whether copy apps and data from a previous device. Click at this point on “Come on“and turn on the old phone.

You will have two possibilities to transfer the data to the new android smartphone. The most effective and immediate is to use a USB cable. Connect one end of the cable to the old phone and the other end to the new one. On your old smartphone, you may need to enter PIN or biometric data for added security.

If you don’t have a USB cable available, you can transfer the data to wireless mode. On the page for copy apps and data from the old devicetap on the option “No cables“and click on”Keep on“. On your old cell phone, open theGoogle app and follow the on-screen procedure. Confirm the correspondence of the four shapes that appeared on the old and new phone and click on “Come on“.

On the old smartphone now tap on “Copy“and verify your identity. After choosing what to move to the new one Android smartphone, the system will also show you an estimated time to complete the procedure. At this point click again on “Copy“to start the procedure.

How to transfer data without old phone

So far we have explained the procedure for transferring data from the old to the new Android smartphone assuming that you are still physically in possession of the devices and that it works correctly. Nonetheless, it is possible move the data on the new smartphone without having the old phone. The only basic requirement, besides backup on Android via the cloud, is to be in possession of the Google account (email address and password).

On the initial configuration screen, once you arrive at “Use your old device“, click on “Can’t use your old device?“in the lower left corner. Ignore the warning pop-up by clicking on”OK“and log into your Google account.

Accept the terms of service and choose which backup to restore your data from and what to restore: photos, videos, Gmail, Google Calender and Google Drive will be synchronized automatically. Click on “Reset“to start the procedure, then complete the initial setup of your new smartphone.