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How to upload full videos to WhatsApp status

How to upload full videos to WhatsApp status

It is undoubtedly one of the most searched questions on the internet and today we are going to give you the solution. We tell you the tool you must use to be able to upload full videos to whatsapp status.

Full videos to WhatsApp status

The whatsapp status are, today, a magnificent tool to share with your contacts, everything you do in your day to day, jokes, curiosities… but it is also a place where we can share full videos of more than 30 seconds.

The truth is that the 30-second limitation is one of the most criticized handicaps by all of us, when it comes to being able to share what we want in the states. But how is there Applications for everything, we name you one that allows us to skip that time limit.

How to upload long videos to WhatsApp states:

CutStory is the app that will allow us to split the video into 30-second chunks so that we can upload any video, no matter how long, to WhatsApp statuses.

Its operation is simple. As soon as we open the app we will see three options: Video, template and presentation. Click on videos. This will open our photographic reel and we can locate the video we are looking for. Obviously we must give the app permission to access our photos.

CutStory main screen

We choose the video and a kind of video editor will appear in which we can, if we want, do some retouching. After that, click on the button marked with a circle and a down arrow.

Choose the video you want to publish in states

Now the app will show us different social networks. We will choose WhatsApp to divide the video into 30-second fractions.

Select the WhatsApp option

Next, the application will process the chosen video, and will cut it so that it adapts to the chosen duration. Thus, if the video initially lasted 1:51 minutes, as is our case, the app will divide it into 4 videos (3 videos of 30 seconds and 1 of 21 seconds).

Full videos to WhatsApp status, sectioned

Now we just have to go to our reel to check that the videos have been downloaded and thus be able to upload them in order, this is very important, to the WhatsApp states.

Checking that the video has been split

The application, which is completely free, although it has some in-app payments to get more out of it. We, if the task is only to cut videos to adapt them to the time of the states, we do not believe that it is necessary to pay.

As always, the best thing you can do is download the app and test how it works for yourself.