How to use the new Smart Cover with iPad 1

Smart Cover for iPad 1 from Studio Neat on Vimeo.

While the Smart Covers They are not the best protectors for the iPad, they are quite elegant and are made to be easily carried. If you have an iPad 1 and want to use a new Smart Cover, here is a quick trick that allows you to do just that.

Although the concept of adding a few magnets to your iPad 1 is not exactly revolutionary, the trick is to find the correct location and the correct type of magnet. You need rare earthy imabes, and colleagues from the design blog Russians Used a Pencil found that neodymium magnet blocks in 3/8 “x 3/16” x 1/32 “sizes work best.

All you have to do is stick them to your iPad 1, wherever you want the Smart Cover to attach and that’s it. If you are one of those who never change your mind, then you can simply tighten them very easily with a screwdriver.

Obviously the iPad will not turn on / off when opening or closing the Smart Cover, but for protection purposes it does the job.