How to view a website in desktop version on iPhone and iPad

If you prefer to see the websites in desktop version on the iPhone, we are going to explain how to do it quickly and easily.

Put the webs in desktop version on the iPhone

Today we are going to show you a Trick to view the webs in desktop version on the iPhone. Something really good, since the vast majority already have a mobile version and it is interesting to do some of our iOS tutorials.

To this day, our iPhone It has become the perfect companion to watch anything on the Internet. And it is something as simple as taking out the device, searching and in a few seconds you have all the information in your hands. This was previously unthinkable and we always had to search for the computer to perform this type of task. That is why almost all websites already have a mobile version that makes everything go faster.

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But surely there are many users who prefer the desktop version, that is, the one we see when we enter from the computer. Whether this is your case, or if it is not, this trick will interest you a lot.

How to view a website in desktop version on the iPhone quickly:

The process is really quick and easy. To do this, we just have to access the web that we want to view. Once we are inside, we will see that it appears in its mobile version.

As this is not what we want, we must do the following that we are going to explain. Click on the “aA” icon, which appears at the top just to the left of the bar where the URL appears. Now we will see that a small menu appears:

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How to view a website in desktop version on iPhone and iPad

Activate the desktop version of any website in Safari

Now we simply have to click on the option «Website in desktop version» to be able to make use of that version and to be able to carry out tutorials, for example, such as the one on listen to YouTube music with iPhone locked.

A function that we can activate on any website and that is also done very quickly. You can now forget about the mobile versions and access the desktop version. As long as you like them more, of course, or want to execute an action that can only be performed in that interface.

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