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How to View Shazam History on iPhone

How to View Shazam History on iPhone

We teach you a magnificent trick to view shazam history on iphone quickly and easily. If you use this song detection app a lot, you will love it for sure.

Shazam is one of the first apps I downloaded on my first iPhone. Being able to capture what song you are listening to wherever you are is one of the functions that I use the most on a daily basis. I am in love with music.

Since you can have Shazam in the control center of the iPhone without the need to have the application installed, I make the captures of songs in a very fast way. Simply by making the control center appear and pressing the app icon, recognition is immediate.

But… How can I see the history of the songs that I am hunting?

How to view Shazam history on iPhone:

Well, it really is very simple. We just have to keep the app icon pressed, in the control center, for it to appear.

Shazam history on iPhone

Since those from Cupertino acquired Shazam in 2018, for about 400 million dollars, it has been constantly improving the service, such as removing ads from the application and much more. In September 2021, Apple announced that the music recognition feature in Control Center had surpassed one billion cumulative recognitions in the iPhone and the iPad since its launch. It was definitely a breakthrough.

If you are one of the users who uses, like me, the Clip-App of Shazam in the control center, now you know how to see the history of all the songs that you detect with the app.

Definitely a trick iOS simple and very useful for all those music lovers who are constantly looking for new songs for their Spotify, Apple Music lists… .