If Stranger Things was filmed with a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra …

Interesting initiative from Samsung about the advanced features of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera, especially the night mode “Nightography”. In fact, the Korean company shot a short film inspired by the popular Netflix series with the smartphone “Stranger Things” – titled “Make STRANGER Nights Epic” – whose fourth season has just been released on the popular streaming platform.

In the movie, the photographic performance of the device is enhanced in the best way, especially during the nightwhen a portal to the other world opens and the smartphone sensors are able to capture details that otherwise would not be noticed by the human eye.

In fact, at the center of the short there is a girl who puts her Galaxy S22 Ultra in her back pocket while going to a party of a friend of hers. During the ride on her bicycle, the video mode of the device suddenly turns on and, surprisingly, it films everything that happens behind her, especially the monsters coming from the “upside down”. The potential of the 108MP main smartphone camera, therefore, they are exploited to the maximum, thanks also to the advanced artificial intelligence that allows you to capture more light and data in order to give users clearer videos.

However, Samsung and Netflix have already collaborated in the past. For example, in January, during the launch of the second season of the series “Emily in Paris”have started a campaign starring the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G. A short film inspired by “Bridgerton” was made instead, on the occasion of the Galaxy S22 series debut in February. In detail, the inventor Lord Tristar presented to the Queen Charlotte of the enormous paintings that portrayed the Galaxy S22 and S22 +. Finally, the two companies will continue to collaborate in creating captivating and high-quality content.