If you use the Wallapop app, you need to know this information

If you use the app to buy and sell Wallapop, you need to know this security information that is important to all users.

Wallapop has been hacked

The second-hand app Wallapop It is widely used in devices ios. It is a benchmark among Shopping apps and, therefore, we are not surprised by what has happened to it since, being such a widely used app and with all the data it is something that can happen.

Specifically, the application has suffered a security breach and has been hacked. The app itself says the following when accessing: «For security, we have proceeded to restart your Wallapop account. The reason is that we have detected improper access to our platform, which has forced us to take measures to protect your data «.

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This Wallapop hack has been able to expose all the data of its users

These measures have been to close the session of all users of all devices that have been logged in. The session has also been closed for users who had started it using their account accounts. Google or from Facebook.

If you use the Wallapop app, you need to know this information

The first indication that something is wrong

The solution to this is to follow the instructions that the app offers us when accessing. Thus, we will see that our session has been closed and the app will tell us that we have to change the password, redirecting us to its website to do so. The system itself will prevent you from using the old password.

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Once the password has been changed, we will be able to access again by logging in to the service to use it normally. From the social networks of the app they ensure that this is the best way to solve the security problem.

If you use the Wallapop app, you need to know this information

Wallapop’s full message in the app

They also ensure that they have no evidence of fraudulent use of user data, although the extent of the improper access is unclear and whether it is possible that user data is in the possession of third parties. It is still too early to know, but we hope that greater security measures are taken.

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