Import lcr file into iTunes

I have an mp3 song in iTunes, on some third party music player applications, they have the lyrics displayed on the control center. I think this is done using a file .lcr . So my question is, is it possible to import a .lcr in iTunes? If so, how to do it?


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As far as I know, iTunes doesn’t support synced lyrics for music (they do for video). However, if you just want to import the raw lyrics, you could reformat the .lrc file as a lyric text and add it under the “Lyrics” section of each song. It could also be written.

First, let’s understand the lrc file format. In essence, it is simply the text with additional tags for information. Since the tags are enclosed in parentheses ( [] ) (with additional timestamping enclosed in angle brackets ( <> ) for the improved format), all you need to do is remove anything that conforms to these criteria. From there, it is trivial to add texts. Just right-click the song in iTunes, click “Get Info”, then “Lyrics”, then paste them.

Alternatively, you can just Google the lyrics.

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