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Improve music quality in Spotify for iOS

Improve music quality in Spotify for iOS

The quality of the music in Spotify is configurable and you can modify it to listen to it as you prefer.

Today we are going to teach you improve music quality on Spotify, to improve the audio when listening to our favorite songs, especially when doing it via Wi-Fi.

If you are users of Spotify, you may have noticed that from time to time you did not listen to the songs with the quality that you would like, and this is not because of the song, but because of a bad configuration in this fantastic app or in this streaming music service .

And it is that depending on the way in which we listen to music (Wifi or mobile data), we can select one quality or another.


As simple as going to the app and going to its settings. To do this, we go to the top right, where we see the settings icon and click on it.

Once in the settings, we will see several tabs, among which is the “Stream quality.” It will be here where we should press.

We now see 2 sections, one to select the quality of the streaming music and the other to select the quality with which we want to download it (this option is only available if we are PREMIUM).

We recommend that if we are going to listen to music using a Wi-Fi network, that we select the highest quality, since with Wi-Fi we are not going to consume any of our data plan. On the contrary, if we are going to be using our mobile data, it is best to leave it on the default one, which sounds good and consumes much less.

Therefore, if you did not know this option, we recommend that you use it the next time you go to listen to music on Spotify and tell us about your experience.