Instagram and its visual refresh: a new gradient and a new font arrives

Instagram presented his today Visual Refreshthat is, slight changes to what is the identity of the brand, in such a way as to make the social network more recognizable: in other words, it was changed the typical gradient of Instagramused for example for the icon, and a new fontwhich will now be used in various elements of the social network.

The new gradient uses essentially the same colors as before, which are now much more lively: the company worked with motion designer Rose Pilkington who, thanks to an “innovative 3D modeling process”, created a gradient that can be customized according to the application and which is unique each time it is used. The gradient in question is used for the iconfor the circle around the profile photo to report the presence of Stories and how text coloring in some stickers.

Instagram Sans it is instead the new font of the company: this is inspired by elements such as the real Instagram logo in such a way as to be consistent with the app or website. Instagram has partnered with language experts around the world to adapt the typeface to global scriptures, including Arabic, Thai, and Japanese. The font will be used for the advertising of the social network or as a font for the text of some stickers.