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Instagram filters don’t work in the iPhone app

Instagram filters don’t work in the iPhone app

After the last update of the app Instagram for iPhone the filters that can be used in the Stories either stories.

Bug in Instagram filters?

Instagram is making changes to the app lately. These changes do not come only in the form of new features that are appearing on a trial basisbut also through aesthetic and design changes in the app itself.

Most of these changes appear in the app through app updates. And one of the latest Instagram updates appears to be causing what we hope is a bug, and it’s affecting users all over the world.

Instagram filters do not work on iPhones since the last update of the app

Specifically, the latest update to Instagram has disabled filters that can be used to create Stories either stories. None of these Instagram filters, whether saved by users or not, are working.

When trying to use any of these filters, the app shows the message “This effect cannot be used on your device” on screen, overlaid with a black screen indicating that the camera is not enabled in the app.

The message that appears when trying to use a filter

This seems to be exclusively affecting users of the app. Instagram in the iPhone. It is not something isolated since many Instagram users for iPhone they are reporting this all over the world. And it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the model either. iPhone since Instagram filters are not working even in the last iPhone 13.

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be any solution to this. Neither restarting the device, nor deleting the app, etc., is it possible to solve it. It therefore remains to wait until Instagram give a solution to this. And we hope that this is really a temporary bug, although Instagram may also have decided to remove the filters as rumored at the time.