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Install an app on Google Nexus 7

Install an app on Google Nexus 7

Downloading and installing an app on Google Nexus 7 is essential. In fact, apps turn out to be small pieces of software that can greatly simplify the use of your smartphone. There are apps for many things, whether it’s for entertainment, to check your emails but also for your bank accounts, you will inevitably have an app that matches what you want to do. So, in this article we will see how to install an application on a Google Nexus 7. First of all, we will be interested in the usual technique for install an app. In a second step, we will find out what is apk app and what to do to install it. And then, for those who want to conserve memory on their Google Nexus 7, we will see how to install and store apps on the mobile’s SD card.

How to install an app on a Google Nexus 7

The Google Play Store

Be it Google Nexus 7 root app, Google Nexus 7 backup app or any kind of app, the method remains the same. Indeed, to download and install an application or a video game, you must use the Google PLAY portal. PlayStore is a portal created by Google where you can find millions of applications and video games. Some applications are paid, however, there are many free ones. This way you can find and install applications like Facebook, Viber, Netflix, Shazam, but also video games like Super Mario or Angry Birds. So when you want to find and install an app on Google Nexus 7, you will have to go through that platform. PlayStore comes in the form of an app that is already on Google Nexus 7.

Install an app on Google Nexus 7 via PlayStore

Then you will see the Google PlayStore app in the apps menu of your device. Once you have found the Google PlayStore app, you can open it by tapping on it. When you’re done, all you have to do is enter the name of the app you want to download and install in the search bar at the top of the screen. Then choose the app that appears in the search results. At this point, you will see the description of the application. There is a description, but also user reviews. Now that you are on the app tab, you just need to click on the Install button. By performing this manipulation, the application will start downloading and installing directly on your Google Nexus 7.

Or find the installed app

Once the installation process is complete, you can find your app on your laptop’s home screen or in the app menu.

How to install an APK app on Google Nexus 7

what is called App APK it is actually the application installation file. So it is an .apk file. In fact, if you want to install an application that is not found in the Google PlayStore on your Google Nexus 7, you must download and install an apk-file. If you are looking for websites to find APK files, you can go to APKMirror site, you will probably find what you need.

Install an application on the SD card of your Google Nexus 7

In case you want to go a step further now that you have mastered the installation of an application on the Google Nexus 7, we will see what you must do to install it on the laptop’s SD memory card. The advantage of this principle is that it will be the memory of your SD card that is chosen to store the app and its data. This will free up storage space on Google Nexus 7. To enable storage of your Google Nexus 7 apps on SD card, go to: Settings / Advanced settings / Memory and storage / Default location and select SD card. This way, all future apps you install will be stored directly on the SD card.